Natasha Koroleva told how to lose weight after 40 years

Наташа Королева рассказала, как правильно худеть после 40 лет
The singer shared a way to quickly lose a few pounds.

Natasha Koroleva

Photo: Mikhail Klyuyev

Natasha Koroleva has admitted that in recent years, is struggling with excess weight. The result is obvious — the singer looks great.

“In 39-40 years, the body begins to rebuild, hormonal changes, — says the singer. — And it primarily affects the figure. Like you eat no more than before, and physical activity remains and gutter, and added fat on the sides… And not to babitsa, you need to remember: all that before you allow yourself in food without harm to the waist, now have to control, reduce, but something altogether removed from the diet. Because after forty clearly the rule takes effect: “We are what we eat”. The only way to resist aging”.

On the advice of a nutritionist, the Queen gave up dairy, sugar, from “heavy meat” — pork and lamb. “But in my diet lots of vegetables and cereals. Favorite buckwheat alternate with exotic quinoa used to make porridges, salads, and casseroles, and side dish for meat and fish. Not so long ago, in my diet there are new cereals — spelt: it regulates the level of sugar in the blood and due to its coarse fibers aid digestion and fight obesity. However, it is more expensive than other cereals, but not for the valuable properties of spelt called the “black caviar of grains”!

Although the Express diet Queen says is not particularly useful, but in cases of emergency appeals to them. “If a couple of days to two pounds and a half, one day eat only light vegetable salads, and secondly, sitting on the water. Very effective. And, by the way, the older you are, the more days required for the diet: two days on salads and two in the water.”

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