Natasha Koroleva told about the family tragedy

Наташа Королева рассказала о семейной трагедии The sister of the singer lost a young son. Even though it happened many years ago, Madonna can’t hold back the tears, remembering the day she learned that her nephew is no more.

      Наташа Королева рассказала о семейной трагедии

      Fans of Natasha Koroleva know that she has an older sister Irene. In the early 90’s she was incredibly popular in Ukraine. Speaking under the creative alias, rusya, sister Queen toured, giving several concerts a day. But the rising star was forced to interrupt her successful career because of the illness of the son Vova. The little heir of Irene and her husband, composer Konstantin Osaulenko suffered from cerebral palsy. The couple moved to Canada, hoping there to earn money for the child’s treatment.

      “The doctors told us that he has all of the features and when it begins to grow, nature will kill him, – has told on air of the program “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov sister Natasha Koroleva Irina Osaulenko. But we didn’t want to believe that our son will irreparable”.

      Eleven years the family fought for the life of Volodya. “We were just on tour in Canada, and Ira with Bones came to us at the concert, recalls Natasha Koroleva. And I get a call from Kiev and say: “Natasha, Vova’s is no more.” Not only that, I have to go after that scene, we still have to tell a mother that her son died… I then came out and sang the song about the swallow. So Vova on the tombstone and says “Swallow, swallow, you say Hello…”

      Наташа Королева рассказала о семейной трагедии

      After the death of Vova, Irina has not been able to recover, relatives were afraid that she might commit suicide. And then mom Irina Ludmila Poryvai persuaded my daughter to have a second child. Matthew was born a perfectly healthy baby, but in four years, the doctors gave the boy a diagnosis of autism. Now the boy is twelve years old.

      “Parents of such children can only sympathize, I know that for me, says sister Natasha Koroleva Irina Osaulenko. – Physically this is a normal handsome boy, but he’s totally unfit, he had a completely different perception. It’s terrible, of course.”

      Наташа Королева рассказала о семейной трагедии

      “Every day is a new problem, – continues the spouse of Irina Constantine. But perhaps these children are given to us to change. Passing through difficulties, we are changing for the better”.

      Despite such difficult trials that befell her, Irina tried to be a mom again. Ten years ago she with her husband’s daughter was born Sonia. She is perfectly healthy girl. “Well, it happened! – Irina speaks. – Mochi Sonya, and she loves him terribly. And I understand if with me something happens, the son will not remain in this world alone, he has a sister.”

      Natasha Koroleva helps older sister to engage in the rehabilitation of her son Matthew. The singer pays for expensive procedures aimed at improving her own nephew. “I hope we will invent some means… a Light in the tunnel should appear, – said Irina’s mother Lyudmila Poryvai. And I want my daughter Irina, for many years, saw the light and finally be able to live in peace.”

      Наташа Королева рассказала о семейной трагедии

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