Natasha Koroleva staged erotic dance with a friend

Наташа Королева устроила эротические танцы с подругой The singer shot a funny video with friends. Natasha Koroleva is having fun on vacation in Israel. Followers “Instagram” celebrities are in awe of her publications.

In addition to swimming in the Red sea, the traditional tours of Israel and gatherings in a circle of close people, Queen Natasha has decided to add one more holiday item – dancing. Together with a friend, the star was partying directly out onto the balcony, recording a casual dance on camera phone.

Interestingly, the friend decided to dress in the same style for filming women chose the black one piece swimsuits white polka dots. They gently move in time with the music, rhythmically swinging her hips. Beauties playfully ride a fabric mesh, which makes them videos even more spicy.

Fans of the Queen could not remain indifferent to such publication. They wrote dozens of comments under the post in which I wrote the compliments and words delight in their favorite. Users of the social network admitted that such records they like more than others. They also noted the frankness of Natasha and her beautiful figure. On the record visible slim waist and taut legs of a celebrity.

“Wow! You are the bomb! Everyone would have to look like you! An example for many women!” Super! Well done, girls. Cheerful, beautiful, positive, Thank you for sharing! We are fools to be so fun. The fool always in a good mood!”, “Good girl! Beautiful figure, nice move. Comfortable”, “Natalia, you’re the best artist with the most humorous posts! Fun and sexy! Love,” – wrote the following in the comments.

It is worth noting that the Queen really loves to dance. Brunette just does not hesitate to show how fun, but on the contrary, is proud of how spends leisure time. Natasha has repeatedly published funny commercials featuring the spouse Sergey Glushko. They lovers sexy moving rhythmic music, and flirting. One of the video the singer erotically pochlebiac chosen by the Pope, and he, in turn, shows the audience the full body without clothes.

On another entry with Sergei and Natasha dancing in a nightclub abroad. The star family visited a party, to enter which it was necessary to come in white color. The couple moved to Latin-American motifs, shaking her hips and lightly touching each other. The rhythm of the dance: how the stars are lit, when no one sees