Natasha Koroleva showed the true face

Наташа Королева показала настоящее лицо 42-year-old singer decided pootkrovennichat with their fans, and show yourself without makeup. According to fans Natasha Koroleva, the celebrity looks amazing. Currently the actress is on vacation with his family in America.

      Наташа Королева показала настоящее лицо

      Many stars sometimes show themselves to their fans without makeup, filters and retouching in computer programs. The trend for naturalness is still in Vogue, which new makeup options did not come up with makeup artists. Recently singer Natasha Koroleva has supported the General trend, laid out in social networks.”

      Fans of the actress was supported by her enthusiastic comments, likes and reposts. According to many, the 42-year-old Natasha Koroleva looks great, and time has no power over it. “Positive and pretty”, “you Look just super”, “What a beauty”, “Love”, “Very positive picture”, — expressed their emotions subscribers stars.

      A photo of yourself without makeup Queen did on one of the beaches blooming and Sunny Florida. In the picture the singer also managed to capture a rainbow, which has caused excitement among fans of Natasha. Some of them started to ask the actress if her home near this wonderful place.

      At the moment, Natasha Koroleva is located in United States. Apparently, the artist decided to visit his relatives who live in America. This mom celebrity Lyudmila Poryvai and 14-year-old heir of the family the Queen and Sergey Glushko Arkhip. He is studying in a school in Miami. In interviews, the artist said that he had sent his son to study in another country, so he received a good education in a comfortable environment. In Florida nobody knows what Arkhip — the heir to the Russian stars of show business. Recently a teenager came to Moscow to rest with their parents during the may holidays.

      By the way, Natasha Koroleva is not one of those celebrities that try to mask age-related changes at any cost. Previously the husband of singer Sergey Glushko has posted a picture of your wife without makeup to his Instagram. The husband of the star, known under the alias Tarzan, admires the natural beauty of his wife. The singer in turn tries to look good for its second half. After motivating phrases Sergei Natasha joined the gym and started playing sports. “Look to you personally the right words. The most difficult thing is to start!”, — gave advice to his fans artist. By the way, sometimes Glushko and Korolev played team sports: spouses believe that it is not only useful, but also fun.

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