Наташа Королева показала изящную фигуру в бикини
The singer received from fans and hundreds of compliments.

Natasha Koroleva

Photo: @natellanatella (Instagram Natalia Koroleva)

Natasha Koroleva boasted to fans figure in the swimsuit. A couple of days ago, the singer flew to Israel. The singer stopped in Netanya is a popular tourist destination and one of the country’s largest cities. Its distinguishing feature is the “endless” beach, stretching for many kilometers. To find there a secluded place for recuperation is not difficult.

First the Natasha from holiday became “traditional” photos in a bikini. The slender figure of the actress became the subject of heated discussion fans. “The figure is awesome! Keep it up!”, “The beauty of it is! A mermaid washed up on the shore”, “Natasha, well done! Graceful, as always!” — wrote 44-year-old Queen. Keeping fit helps the singer Sergey Glushko, her husband. He tells her the most effective exercises and follow the diet the couple.

By the way, in the first days of the stay singer got a nasty surprise. Israel was unplanned “invasion” of large jellyfish, which Natasha, to put it mildly, not very fond of. It turned out that this year the jellyfish in large numbers appeared off the coast for a few weeks before they are due. This fact, however, is unlikely to discourage the Queen the mood to luxuriate by the sea.