Наташа Королева подарила себе на 45-летие новые зубы
The singer made a smile in a million.

Natasha Koroleva

Photo: @natellanatella (Instagram Natalia Koroleva)

Natasha Koroleva is following closely the perfection of its look. If she is gaining a few extra pounds, then immediately go on a diet. If it detects wrinkles on the face, then goes to the beautician. And recently she took up with her smile. The singer turned to the dentist who fitted her veneers.

The Queen does not hesitate to speak publicly about such things, because its experience can be useful to other people who dream of a Hollywood smile. “I made a gift to his beloved “berry” anniversary — covers for teeth, didn’t do it for fashion and for reading my dentist!” — told the 45-year-old Natasha.

According to the singer, her appearance was not a radical but effective change. The Queen has preserved the natural beauty by installing special ultrathin veneers. Thus the singer has eliminated the imperfections, without losing individuality.

Manipulation with a smile the Queen is held in anticipation of the benefit, in the Kremlin, which will take place on October 20. The audience at a concert waiting for a lot of surprises from Natasha, including a debut on the stage of her son Arkhip.