Natasha Koroleva performs feats for the perfect butt

Наташа Королева совершает подвиги ради идеальной попы Popular Russian singer believes that fitness is possible even at home. The star performs daily 100 sit-UPS to the spicy part of her body was always toned and strong.

      Наташа Королева совершает подвиги ради идеальной попы

      41-year-old Russian pop star Natasha Koroleva met the spring. The singer has changed her hair color, lost weight and dealt with depression caused by midlife crisis. The star told journalists the secrets of creating a gorgeous body and a perfect health.

      Unlike other celebrities, who day and night spend in the fitness centers, the Queen believes that the gorgeous figure, you can create at home. “One of my favorite exercises – deep squat in a quiet pace. Be at the door to the room, take the handle on both sides of the door and slowly squat and rise. This exercise not only develops your knees and tightens the ass. Squats pumping the blood, help to support the cardiovascular system. I heard from the doctors that this is a very effective exercise. And it’s free!”, – told the Queen. The singer confessed that every day performs by 100 sit-UPS. Budding star advised to do 10-15 times in two approaches.

      Sometimes Natasha trains under the guidance of spouse Sergey Glushko who is well versed in the technique of exercise and their effectiveness. So she threw the classes, he occasionally jokingly reminds her of “flabby butt” and stomach. Tarzan loves his wife and supports her in everything. It was he who helped the singer overcome depression and to banish a bad mood.

      However, the pop star has made such an amazing figure, not only because of the training. The Queen tries to monitor their diet and not allow yourself to harmful products. According to some publications, the singer dropped the extra pounds, abandoning sweet and sitting on the protein diet. So the body does not suffer from lack of nutrients, Natasha picked out a special vitamins.

      “When my age was closer to 40 years, I felt that my body needed help, and began to look for a doctor who would pick me complex vitamins that help to maintain performance. I annually in late winter blood-test from dozens of positions, including hormones. Based on these data, the doctor prescribes me vitamin-mineral complexes, minerals, dietary supplements, fish oil,” he told the star in an interview with “7 days”.

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