Natasha Koroleva met her husband after rumors of a divorce

Наташа Королева оправдала мужа после слухов о разводе
The singer commented on the scandal that erupted recently on social media.

Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko

Photo: Laila Matar

Queen Natasha finally spoke out about the unpleasant situation in which her husband, Sergei Glushko. Some time ago, in social networks there was video of his speech in Volgodonsk. Then eyewitnesses managed to shoot “Tarzan” on stage simulated sex act with one of the spectators. Even those who were at that time in the nightclub, thought it “overdone” and depicted intimacy with a girl a little too realistic. Many made fun of a dancer for inappropriate behavior.

Natasha, until recently, did not respond to questions from fans and journalists about the spectacular room of her husband. On recent online video the Queen looked very sad, which caused rumors about the alleged impending divorce of the couple. In social networks suggested that the scandal could be the cause of the quarrel between the spouses. However, these conclusions were premature. Before Natasha made a statement that makes it clear that the incident had no impact on family relationships.

“On the Internet a huge number of all that concerns our family, usually illegal! My husband is his passion for the artist of Striptease. What is a Striptease? It involves nudity on stage. My husband of 17 years. Believe me, I had been not reacting!” — quotes Queen