Natasha Koroleva is preparing to challenge the ban on entry to Ukraine

Наташа Королева готовится оспаривать запрет на въезд в Украину

Bad news for Natasha Koroleva recently turned her desire to come home from tour. A native of Ukraine, Natalia Poryvai denied the opportunity to give a concert and was denied entry to the territory of the state for a period of 5 years.

Knowing that her granddaughter is now persona non grata in Ukraine, a 94-year old actress said that she intends to move to Natalia in Moscow, because he feared to die alone.

The journalists talked with Natalia and found out that she doesn’t believe that grandma will be able to decide on such a desperate step, and that she is strong enough to do it: “It’s all nonsense. Her 94 years, she can’t even come down from the third floor to the first. What kind of move can be a speech? I don’t know why it is necessary for someone“.

By the way, the Queen has already enlisted the support of a lawyer, who is preparing to appeal the decision of the security Service of Ukraine banned entry of Natalia on the territory of Ukraine: “Now my lawyer prepare a note of protest, you need to make a power of attorney, you need to translate everything, I can’t enter the country will deal with this lawyer, who is there. This (ban on entry – approx.ed.) made without reason. For me it is a problem, because I shared with the family. Under this decision, there are no facts. What I blame is in any way documented anywhere else is not fixed, so we want a legitimate way to challenge this thing, if we succeed, if the law in Ukraine is still working.“