Natasha Koroleva is looking for heir first job

Наташа Королева ищет для наследника первую работу Artist supports the desire of the son to go to work. According to the Queen, she will not even deny offers to get in a fast food restaurant. However, according to the star mom, is that boy more important than just studying.

Natasha Koroleva has decided приучать15-year-old son Arkhip to work. According to singer, at this age, a teenager can find a place where you will get your first paycheck. The star says that the boy plans to try yourself in any field during the summer holidays.

“He wants to start earning money. While on this subject we in detail spoke. Maybe it will work in Gorky Park, and maybe – in the “McDonald’s”. I believe that it won’t stop anything,” admitted the Queen.

Besides, Natasha and her husband Sergei are considering another option. As the wife of artist has its own fitness club, which sometimes requires help, the boy can go to work there during the holidays. While that Arkhip is in the United States, where he attends school, however, for the three summer months, the singer plans to bring the heir to Russia.

According to star, she did not worry about the future of my son, as he is completely focused on school. The Queen understands that to get an education in a foreign language is much harder than in native.

“I am glad that my son learns well. To undergo training in a foreign language is not easy. But he is doing: no complaints from me about it. It deserves respect,” – said Natasha.

First the Queen was very upset by separation from the Archip, so whenever possible, I flew to the US for a few days. The initiative to send the boy to study in America came from her mother, Lyudmila Poryvai. The woman believed that the English language is better to study in a country where it is spoken.

As told the Queen “Companion”, the son is not in a hurry to build relationships with the girls. According to celebrity, the boy more interested in science. Arkhip is not going to go their parents ‘ footsteps and become an artist. By the way, every new photo with the heir causes hundreds of rave reviews among fans of Natasha.

“Arkhip look like dad,” “the Son is handsome! His mom”, “What kind of grown son! How the time flies.”, “Son above the mother. Soon dad will grow,” write to the followers of the Queen.