Natasha Koroleva: “I didn’t know I had so many enemies”

Наташа Королева: «Я и не знала, что у меня столько врагов» The illness of a loved, separation from family, inability to have a child – the singer has shared with “StarHit” the biggest fears. Recently the actress had to go through a lot of turmoil. Now she is looking for the strength, despite everything, to go further.

      Наташа Королева: «Я и не знала, что у меня столько врагов»

      Natasha many times had to be strong, proving to himself and others that nothing is impossible. A few weeks ago, when the Queen was preparing for the concert “the Magic “L” which will be held in the Kremlin on 10 December, she was denied entry to Ukraine and had actually separated from her family for five years. The correspondent of “StarHit” Olga Pleteneva Natasha told three stories when she was on the verge of despair.

      A stranger among his

      Never thought I have such for enemies, – says Natasha. – Concert to which I went one year, was the reason I was hooked. After the Kremlin, December 14, was to speak in his native Kiev. Countrymen wrote to me: try to come, we’ll arrange a “beautiful” reception. Life in Ukraine, I was his,.. And suddenly became a stranger. The day when I fell on the news, I remember now. I’m on the phone gave an interview to the Ukrainian edition. And I hear she pauses and after a pause says, “Natasha. I was told that you were denied entry into the country for five years.” The reason for such a trick, supposedly with his work the artist Queen is a threat to the Ukrainian state. Life I sing about love, political intrigue do not get involved… at First I reassured her, although most hands were shaking. And after finishing the conversation, I began to think about how to tell relatives.

      “For the family it was a shock. It is clear that first found out the mother was shocked. But most of all I was worried about grandma – Sofia Nikolaevna, who lives in Kiev, 94. Hearing that, I closed the road home, she couldn’t believe it. Health has drastically deteriorated. Grandma old, heart junk, pressure. A couple of days of entrance on duty ambulances with resuscitation. Now she rarely gets up, although I walked around the house, something was cooking. In Moscow, it can’t be transported too bad…”

      It is clear that she is not alone – there aunt, brothers. But my grandmother had always been close, I was there at least once a year. I hope the situation will change. I hired lawyers in Ukraine that are trying to appeal the decision. Prepared a package of documents which will give to the Ukrainian court, is a process. And the law during it I have the right to enter the country.


      Наташа Королева: «Я и не знала, что у меня столько врагов»

      – February 10, my father, Vladimir Leonov, would have turned 77 years old. He died of leukemia in 1993 when I was 20. Dad and I have always felt more unity than with the mother. Didn’t give the diagnosis, although he was young, not accustomed to the beats.

      Dad’s illness was slow, the blood “limped” over the last 10 years of his life. But particularly strong on his health was affected by the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. After the disaster, the Director of the Palace “Ukraine” gathered artists and said, “it is Our duty to give a concert for the rescuers”. We went to the zone, and me, a 12 year old girl, was accompanied by dad. There he received a radiation dose that proved fatal. Dad lasted another 8 years, but it was fading. I tried to save him. Even then there was not much financial resources, raised all communication managed to bring him to Germany, to arrange the best of treatment. But it was too late…

      “When the German doctors did everything in their power called me and said, “Natasha, if six months earlier…” Dad was discharged, we returned home. He lived another three months. Until the last days were not bed patients. For some ridiculous accident father is a good teacher, conductor – died 1 Sep. He is buried in Kiev. His tomb is a place where I always come, being in their native lands. I miss so far. And the first years after his death there was a feeling that with him went a part of me.”


      – I always wanted a big close – knit family- one that was in my childhood. For quite a long time, my husband Sergey are trying to have a second child. Always hope that our house will once again hear the laughter of children. When our son was born, decided not to hurry – both wanted to start a career. The work is spun, the years have passed. The last few years, the child’s question we much care. I want the girl her name. Periodically talk about it, support each other. Was and missed abortion, and IVF failure. And biologically clock is ticking…

      Son is now 14, he is an independent guy who goes to school abroad – it tightens languages, accustomed to adult life. Of course, it’s hard for him, he often calls me, asks for advice, bored. We with Sergey want him to grown into a man who, in the future, in which case it will provide us with grandchildren. Compensates, so to speak, of their own kids. But yet do not despair – not pushes this topic to the back burner. There is still time to get our Sergei dream come true”.