Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» No wonder they say that the 45 – Baba berry again! The singer may 31, celebrates its anniversary. “StarHit” I talked with the birthday girl on the eve of the celebration and found out why her thoughts about retirement and how she copes with the problems of adolescence son.
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я»

With Natasha we met in the dressing room after the filming of the program “Hello, Andrew!”. In simple blue jeans and a Queen t-shirt looks like a girl! It’s hard to believe our conversation is dedicated to its 45th anniversary. She stops in front of the mirror to straighten thick, long hair and sunglasses… Later admits: though may for her rich and happy events, but not like it is the season of flowering, and her eyes instantly turn red. The artist is comfortably on the couch. “Okay, wait outside the door on lookout! – asks his team of stylists, and they leave us alone. – When guests come out of the Studio, send a quick Hello! Want to pomazat the Andrey Malakhov”.

“For salt to Vinokur don’t go”

Natasha, you are so many friends! Invite him to the party?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» Hope Andryushechka, sunshine will come. His wife Natosi may 31 is also my birthday. But I think they come around to the light! I will walk in the village the Krekshino, where I live. Now looking for a place to feast. Don’t want to celebrate lavishly, most importantly – nice and comfortable. Never satisfied with the birthday just because you want to honor and invite the right people. The rule is: with someone I love, and those are the main guests of the evening! —
Who is it?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» Gather the whole family! Mother, husband, son arrives from America, friends from Kiev… Arkhip even had to otrashivat the Director of the school. His training ends in early June. But we were released early. In General, there will be guests from all over the world! —
Krechinsky also gonna call?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» First thing! Grandmother Sonya always said, “Natasha, most importantly, to be lucky with the neighbours.” And they’ve got the best. Not because famous people, and because of their responsiveness. Each can resort at any time of the day or night for help. Vladimir Vinokur, Lev Leshchenko, Stanislav Govorukhin…—
For salt to the Distiller?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» Well, the Natanovich lives two streets over, there are closer. The main celebrations take place during the harvest. Once the neighbors see my car pull up to the house, starts… All I know myself do not put anything. So bring tomatoes, radishes, apples, cucumbers… And when mom is here, it’s dope. Breakfast is served every day. I love it here, and at the age she is closer to them. I think if you put a hidden camera in krasinska house and settle all of our company – mother, husband, son, aunt, girlfriend Inna and her daughter show “Dom-2” nervously smoke aside! Sometimes I catch myself thinking: we’re a bright bunch that already is scary.
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я»
What are your feelings before the anniversary?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» Feel 25, not more, so look good. But the brain is already 45 years, cooks differently, and there’s no escape. —
The son’s girlfriend take?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» If! By the way, the catch increases. Who graduated from 10th grade, in parallel wants to pass an external exam. All in the study. His heart is not yet taken. But in any case, in a matter of Arkhip will not climb. Say nothing, even if you see the novel nor lead to nothing. Let them gain experience. —
Surely in America a few worthy candidates?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» Apparently not yet met. So, the time has not come, not yet. —
And advice comes?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» Knows if you need something out, I’m in – no options! But there is nothing global did not happen. On the other hand, adolescence he still is not over… —
And what he now manifests itself?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» For example, the slogan last year – “Must try!”. Arkhip through all strong drinks, and came to the conclusion: not mine. Generally, the son is a sports kid. Pushed, pulled… But without fanaticism, like dad.
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я»

“Change roles”

15 Aug you and Sergei crystal wedding. How are you going?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» Already fifteen? Wow! While not even thinking about it…
And white dress in honor of this date I want to put back?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» There was a time when I dreamed about it. Veils, flowers, gifts…. And now not interested. But when it comes to Golden anniversary, repeat the ritual.—
You once admitted that the crisis in relations with her husband only happened once, when in 2009 opened the first beauty. There was no more such outbursts?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» Never. At that time, the business was time-consuming, and Serge rebelled. Don’t know how I managed… In my life for it no longer would. But nothing, everything is in place, the spouse is next! —
Do not get tired from each other?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» Lucky professions that are constantly on the move. Sometimes friends can even write: “you all right?” Like, haven’t had a joint photo. But that means nothing. We miss you, feel each other even at a distance know what the husband thinks. Was recently in Moscow, and he is in Miami. Think: now Serge lying on the beach, sunbathing. Call and definitely not wrong. —
Sergey sometimes records a video to the haters who criticized him for dancing. Boiling?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» Husband is engaged in the strip for many years. It’s his profession. And before each performance, by the way, announced: “Dear viewers, photo and video is forbidden!” Educated people abide by the rule, and louts expose the rollers, and even in bad light. The demand for the show is huge. Maybe Sergey is already made up, but viewers want to see him. And I don’t mind – after all, the penny in the family budget. But a mystery to me, why has not appeared dancer to replace him. It is full of young guys working in this genre. —
And do not do a Striptease?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» At home we switch roles. Serge sings and I dance. The outfits for this is not important, the soul must fly, to go the fluids. Even in a regular t-shirt to be the most beautiful and desirable! —
Perhaps the husband is so talented… thanks to genes From parents passed on?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» His father and mother are military men. Live in Minsk, is the birthplace of Sergei. Mother-in-law is one of the main women in my life. I’m with her at all, “VAS-VAS”. Sorry, many girls do not realize that mothers husbands should be friends, not to compete, not to engage in battles… I owe a lot to Serezhin parents. They helped us when were born Arkhip. Even the first word of the child was “grandfather”. Son now about them does not forget. —
Last year was tough. Banned entry to Ukraine, buried my grandmother…
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» Yes, it is still under trial. Documents are in final instance by the Supreme court of Ukraine. Local fans write, waiting for my return. There is no such negativity, I see that in their minds something has changed, because before there was some mass delusion. Do not hold grudges. And for grandma we are going to make a monument. —
It seems that obstacles make you stronger. Really I never thought to give up?
Наташа Королева: «Дома стриптиз для мужа танцую я» Only once. When I turned 40, didn’t want anything, all tired and boring. But there was a desire to convey the experience. Maybe in the future I will come to the students in lectures and to share their knowledge on the example of his career. Well, now I have more training to benefit performance in the Kremlin on the 20th of October!