Наташа Королева обнародовала провокационное режиссерское видео The artist decided to try themselves in new roles and began to remove the clips. Recently Natasha Koroleva became the producer of the group “Openband”, and therefore decided to release the first music video for this group.
Наташа Королева обнародовала провокационное режиссерское видео

Singer Natasha Koroleva surprised fans, having acted in unusual role. The artist decided to take the Director’s chair and remove the clip. In the network appeared the first music video for the song “Washed your pants,” which the Queen has done for the band “Openband”. Natasha is promoting this group, appeared on stage recently.

For the shooting it took: about a year ago the Queen told me that he plans to learn how to create videos. This desire supported her husband Sergei Glushko, who is sure that his beloved “really is outstanding abilities.” In order to develop the talents she went on directing courses in Los Angeles and successfully finished.

We must admit that the first clip Natalia about hard female share was very original. The singer told followers in Instagram, how work was carried out.

“Making videos is my hobby. Not long ago I took an intensive training course at the Academy cinema in Los Angeles, and this video work is the result of my knowledge! “Washed your pants” is the first episode musical sitcom! This is the story of two friends Ani “Ass” and her friend Daryn’s Orestovna that fall into different situations and vicissitudes of life. Most interesting is that everyone who starred in this clip is not professional actors, but ordinary people! Someone who works in my office, someone at the beauty salon. I hope that the first pancake is not lumpy! “Openband” is not only a new musical, is a musical sitcom! To be continued!” explained fans of the artist.

Fans supported the creative impulse of Natalia. “It’s just a joke, she wrote that there are no professionals. Well done Natalia, waiting for the continuation”, “This is her work! She does not stand still! Generally creative, though it would be better to do less than anything” “And I liked it so much, I sing it”, not they have agreed with the critics.

But not everyone appreciated the bold move by the Queen. Followers criticized the results of the debut video, considering it vulgar and vulgar. “If this is humor, it is disgusting and dirty. “Washed your underpants” – below average”, “Bad taste, and that’s it, not Continue it! Pity their fans!” such comments have left fans in Instagram.

Natalie did not react to negativity from followers and respond to harsh statements. The singer is convinced that a bold and funny texts team “Openband” will resonate with a certain audience of listeners.

“This is a very young and talented guys. I am very pleased when they realize their potential and create something, invent, and invent! They do not sit on the priest exactly, and try to find their place and listener,” – shared the actress.