Наташа Королева пережила выкидыш, об этом она призналась только сейчас

Наташа Королева пережила выкидыш, об этом она призналась только сейчас

In 2015 in Russia there was a big scandal involving the name of Natasha Koroleva and her husband Tarzan. It all happened because of explicit photos of the star family, who randomly came into the net. Only listened to singer in his address, many said that it was made specifically for PR. However, the couple admitted that Tarzan just lost the phone in which were the photographs.

In an interview, Natasha is very upset told me how he experienced this moment. A celebrity said that it was a low act of a bad person, because the photos were personal and was created exclusively for couples anyone to his bed the couple was not invited and never went. It was ugly and hit on the health of the Queen, she even had to seek the assistance of psychotherapists. Up to this point, it long lay in hospital under droppers, which helped her cope with the initial stress.

Natasha told me that they called and tried to blackmail, promised to show photos to the world, but they ignored these threats, and shots actually hit the net. Some time later, the couple filed a lawsuit against the bully and won the case. In damages they were paid in the amount of 50 thousand rubles, but it’s nothing compared to those that had to endure their family.

Koroleva and Tarzan thought that survived this tragedy and have already started to forget about the incident. But after three years, the state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonova wanted to remember this situation and he persistently demanded to deprive the singer of the title of honored artist of Russia. At that time the celebrity was pregnant and was expecting their second child.

The Queen woke up in the morning from the persistent calls and was again shocked. The Deputy having connections and money have not even tried to understand the situation, he just saw the scandal, who had not noticed. Not even a phone call to the singer and do not know the truth, and just began to put forward their demands.

That day Natasha took place inspection at the doctor, his face as it became clear that something goes wrong. He reported that the woman lost the baby. At that time the fetus was only three months old. The Queen couldn’t take this tragedy and never told anyone about the incident. But now she can talk about it and boldly declares that the death of her second child on the conscience of the blackmailer and unscrupulous Deputy.

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