Natasha Koroleva has banned entry to Ukraine

Наташе Королевой запретили въезд на Украину
A native of Kiev are not allowed at home.

Natasha Koroleva

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Natasha Koroleva has received an official ban to visit their homeland (she was born and the first 16 years of his life were spent in Kiev). Shocked the singer on this occasion, wrote a desperate post on his page in social networks.

Spelling and punctuation preserved: “In Ukraine, deputies of
The Verkhovna Rada took from its people the right of choice. 14 December at the Palace
Ukraine was scheduled for my concert “Magic L”, all the tickets were sold out
without ads or billboards, I wanted to announce an additional concert, and then all
began… with the wording: “to deny entry to the citizen of the Russian Federation Poryvai N., as
man with his creative posing a threat to the Ukrainian state.”
I’m 25 years of creative activities of many fables and
bullshit read in the address, but that song is a Small country, Kiev
boy, Swallow Your world… was a threat…..?! Kiev for me is not just his hometown, Kiev is
my soul! And the most important Kiev – people… kind, hospitable,
wise. Forgive me my fellow countrymen! I wanted to come to the concert for You! With
good and with the world in this not easy time for Ukraine. I’m sorry for what you
had been waiting for, and I was powerless against the corrupt and deceitful
cowardly little people that are behind me vile and disgusting condemned,
sentenced, and separated us with you for 5 years!”