Natasha Koroleva has admitted that IVF didn’t help her

Наташа Королева призналась, что метод ЭКО ей не помог
The singer and her husband want a second child, and even resorted to the help of doctors.

Photo: Photographer NATALY STUART. Assistant Viktoria Isaeva

Recently Natasha Koroleva has almost justified: fans and journalists are increasingly asking the singer a question — why she and her husband Sergei Glushko did not give birth to a second child? “The whole country seems to want us to have replenishment, — smiling Natasha. And we want that, too. But if nothing happens (and we like people healthy and not age), it is not necessary to wait for a miracle. There was a period when we actively started to operate, several times did ECO”.

I must say that this procedure is a serious challenge for the female body. Hormone therapy greatly affects health. And if IVF doesn’t end with pregnancy, the body experiences severe stress. After an active hormonal surge is the same collapse, Yama — both psychological and physical… “This method didn’t help us, — says the Queen. And have been pregnancy without medical intervention, which is also neither of the leads, is frozen. We wanted we tried, but failed. So for us nature has shown that we can cope on our own, but beyond that it is not. And I began to have a philosophical attitude to the situation. Somewhere up there sits someone stupid and it is all about. And maybe not be so active to provoke the process? I can understand people who have no children at all, there all good. But in our case… Means we will have grandchildren a lot. And then, there’s still time — we don’t completely shut this topic. Here’s Janet Jackson in 50 years waiting for their first child. And my dentist gave birth to first child at the age of 51! I remember sitting on her fiftieth anniversary and I think, “she’s a wonderful person, but why her children God gave?” A year later she calls me: “are You standing there or sitting? I’m pregnant!” If you are destined to see through our couple in the light came another child, it will come regardless of age. In the meantime, we are grateful for what we have Arkhip…”

Full interview Natasha Koroleva read in the new issue of the magazine “7 Days”. Now!