Наташа Королева: безумные поклонники, невинные образы и незнакомец в постели Today, the Russian pop star turned 45 years old. “StarHit” recalls facts from the biography of Natalia Koroleva and funny stories of her touring life.
Наташа Королева: безумные поклонники, невинные образы и незнакомец в постели

An innocent girl and a favorite of children

Star Queen lit in 16 years. Then rattled the entire country singer and composer Igor Nikolaev has told TV editor Martha Mogilev and decided to see a talented girl from Kiev, who studied at the circus school. Nikolaev just accumulated dozens of songs that did not fit either Irina Allegrova or Alla Pugacheva – “age” – and to give one or two songs of different performers he didn’t want. So any idea about the new project, which successfully entered the Queen…

Then and now the Queen looks very young (today it is still called Natasha, not Natalia). Moreover, in the early ‘ 90s, when they Nikolayev was formed after the Duo, the artist’s perceived as innocent and a little provincial girl who sang “Sunflowers”, “Peasant with an accordion”, “Yellow tulips”… And in the mid-90s, singing the famous “Little country”, she became the idol of children, stadium tours pushed the young shoots. Children’s love for the Queen lasted for many years. And only with the birth of a son Arkhip Natasha moved into the category of young women. Today Natasha does not hide his age. Still the majority does not believe that it is already 45.

Наташа Королева: безумные поклонники, невинные образы и незнакомец в постели

Concert to 100 thousand spectators and salvation from fans

Its 25th anniversary Natasha was celebrated very wide: he came to his native Kiev and threw a free concert on the Maidan, which was watched by more than 100 thousand people. Who would have thought that someday she will be declared persona non grata in Ukraine. But the Queen believes that the times will change and it will repeat its 100-tyshay a benefit for the beloved public.

A funny thing happened with the artist on the “southern” tour. A crowd of excited male fans besieged the dressing room, and the protection of the organizers of the concerts are not provided.

Then the Director of the band Queen Marina girl, looks very similar to a volleyball player – advised Natasha to climb in a gym bag and curl up there in a ball. Marina easily took this burden on the shoulder and came out of the dressing room, past the humming men. When they still burst into the room to the actress, she was gone.
Наташа Королева: безумные поклонники, невинные образы и незнакомец в постели

In life, Natasha is very cheerful and lively girl, her Ukrainian temperament is manifested in everything. For example, arriving in the late ‘ 90s on tour with Igor Nikolaev in one of the coolest rooms in new York, “Madison Square garden”, did she laugh when I saw going to a concert crowd of Russian immigrants in chic fur coats and diamonds. Even though it was spring 15. But where else could they have to bring their “wealth” to outdo its neighbor in Brighton?


The Queen has repeatedly said that in her life there is mystery. One day she came on tour in another city, living in an old mansion, and lay down to rest there.

“Sleep and feel like I touch someone. As if a man came home and touches the bed, wondering what somebody’s lying there. But know that the bedroom door is closed and I double-turned the key and closed the bolt. Neither the maid nor my Manager, nor anyone else to get in here could not, – says the Queen. – I lie and think: “we Need to turn around to look at!”, and to turn scary. But gathered strength and turned around, opening his eyes. No one was there! However, I did not leave feeling that someone was lying beside me – why else would the pillow on the bed were rumpled, though I didn’t even touch?! By and large I’m not scared. I was not cast in the heat, not the cold shivers. It was a little uncomfortable due to the fact that I invaded someone’s space. Maybe someone here used to live, or, God forbid, died, but in this moment he returned, and he became a liability”.

Наташа Королева: безумные поклонники, невинные образы и незнакомец в постели

Men Queen

As we have mentioned above, the first companion of the actress was young, but already a popular singer and composer Igor Nikolaev. He was not only her producer but also a friend, a husband, a mentor, a partner on the stage… In the mid-90s it was impossible to imagine Queen without Nikolaev: they traveled everywhere together, came on tour, built a summer house, life, family… So like a thunder in a clear sky sounded news about the breakup of a Dolphin and Mermaid.

Наташа Королева: безумные поклонники, невинные образы и незнакомец в постели“After the break with Igor I began to better understand that life is not important – houses, cars, apartments, money savings… And a good attitude important people to you in order to be near relatives and dear people who will not deceive, will not betray. Then health will remain, and “eternal youth” is not just an empty compliment,” admitted the Queen.

Fortunately, they managed to keep a good relationship, and they recently appeared on stage together in one of the anniversary concerts. It’s a pity that the repertoire of the Queen no longer appear new songs of Nikolaev. Undoubtedly, it was well-matched couple!

But in the new marriage the Queen happy. Second husband of Natasha was actor Sergey Glushko, he continues to speak in his strip show, acted in films, plays in the entreprise, and together they have a son Arkhip, who grows up a copy of his father and not so long ago, suddenly became interested aponitolau.

“We Arkhip not lay a finger, but once in my childhood planted in a dark room. Say, children it’s useful, but apparently not to our child. He immediately found where the light is, but… not included. From harm. And said: “And I don’t want to go!” Sat for half an hour, we began to persuade: “Come on already, enough!” So that educational measures have not worked. Not afraid of anything. The authority of the one and dad. In the presence of the father behaves much better – feels the male power,” says Queen.

She now continues to tour, working on new songs and has already started preparations for its benefit performance in the Kremlin.