Natasha Koroleva bought the black pants with fleece

Наташа Королева купила у афроамериканца штаны с начесом
The singer is frozen in new York.

Natasha Koroleva

Natasha Koroleva was in
difficult situation, having departed for a few days in new York. The singer, confident in
that in this American city a long time spring came, gathered in the journey, things
exclusively from the spring collection. What was the surprise star when the “Big
Apple” met her a penetrating wind and cold.

“Suddenly I skidded on
the holidays in new York — says the Queen. — Come all, “on style”, fashion. Spring
same! And then the terrible freezing cold. Immediately bought the black collapse hat with
gloves, warm socks and fleece pants! However, the cold didn’t affect my
a festive mood. Besides, I made myself a gift —a guided tour
personal tour guide at the Metropolitan Museum”.

I wonder what Natasha checked with
weather: in new York all week the temperature will not fall below
ten degrees Celsius. However, the singer completely forgot that this city
located on the island and, like any other sea port, temperature for
high humidity and winds are always interpreted by a person as lower than
the thermometer indicates.

In the month of February with Natasha
husband Sergey was in Miami, where they celebrated the birthday of son, constantly
living there with his grandmother. Arkhip was 15 years old. The birthday boys all
the family of the Queen were assembled. The singer was very worried about leaving
the boy in the States, but admitted that this measure was forced. The name was
a little problem in training in Russian educational institutions
America, he became one of the strongest students in the class.