Natasha Koroleva became a mother

Наташа Королева стала мамой The singer took part in the baptism of the son of close friends. The ceremony was held in one of the churches located in Prague. Natasha Koroleva happy to take on new responsibilities. The singer admitted that he loves a pretty baby.

Singer Natasha Koroleva shared the good news with the public. Celebrity has announced that became the godmother of a lovely son of close friends. Natasha readily agreed to take on new responsibilities and took part in the sacrament of baptism. As the singer, she loves charming baby boy name Maximilian. The Queen said that the baby brought much joy to the lives of her friends.

In his microblog Natasha shared a photo taken during the baptism of a child. In the picture depicting an important rite of passage, the singer looks very happy. She happily smiles at the baby, holding him. Telling fans important news, the Queen did not hide emotions.

“I had another son! My sweet godson Maximilian. I’m so happy for my friends Roma and Julianna. This radiant, long-awaited boy was brought into your and our lives so much joy, light and positive emotions! May God give him great happiness,” shared the celebrity.

Fans of Natasha Koroleva acceded to her wishes, and congratulated the singer with a new role. According to many, the actress looks amazing and is the perfect parent, who loves children. “Let it grow healthy and happy, to the delight of dad, mom and godmother”, “how lovely”, “Natasha nice in all outfits”, “My son with the same name”, – discussed social media users.

Note also that the rite of baptism was held in Prague. Earlier, the artist posted a photo taken in Karlovy vary. Romantic atmosphere of a European city contributes to the reflection of perfect, so the singer remembered the works of Vladimir Nabokov. Natasha quoted the poem of the famous writer and poet, which has the following lines:

What am I thinking? About shooting stars…
Look, there is one, silent spirit,
Diamond path penetrates the air
And that’s really the way it is gone.

Members of the singer wished her a pleasant stay and good mood. “Beautiful,” “I, too, sometimes sit and watch the night sky”, “Sometimes think of the stars is very helpful… Understand that all concerns and Affairs is just vanity”, “love Karlovy vary, have a nice time”, “don’t be sad and smile,” wrote fans of Natasha Koroleva.