Natasha Koroleva: “All the tears of the wife of Igor I came back like a boomerang”

Наташа Королева: «Все слезы жены Игоря мне вернулись бумерангом» The singer spoke warmly about the first wife of the famous composer. Natasha Queen still worries about the fact that many years ago unwittingly became the other woman. Singer believes that Igor and Elena of Nikolaev was the perfect relationship that cannot be destroyed.
Наташа Королева: «Все слезы жены Игоря мне вернулись бумерангом»

More than fifteen years have passed since then, although one of the most beautiful and famous couples of the Russian show business, Natasha Koroleva and Igor Nikolaev. The former husband and wife had remarried, the singer, has a son, the composer’s daughter.

But apparently, Natasha Koroleva still trying to rethink the events of the past. The singer admitted that she regretted that she had to take on the role rozluchnytsi. As you know, before I met Natasha Koroleva Igor Nikolaev was happily married to his classmate Elena, who bore him a daughter Julia. In “million dollar Secret”, which in the replay was shown on Saturday, may 13, NTV Natasha Koroleva told that many years ago, she perfectly communicated with the first wife of Igor Nikolaev.

“Igor was a wonderful wife, said Natasha Koroleva. Even ideal. She was taking care of him. Was his rear, she was ready for him to go into the fire and into the water. They, along with Igor from school. And all have been good. Well he was drawn to our shores?”

The singer called this time in his life most unpleasant for her. Apparently, the Queen can’t get rid of feelings of guilt towards the first wife of the famous composer. Natasha Koroleva regretted the marriage with Igor Nikolaevym

Наташа Королева: «Все слезы жены Игоря мне вернулись бумерангом»“It’s terrible. That disgusting moment of life. I sharpened that on someone else’s misfortune happiness can not be built, and so it happened, – admitted Natasha Koroleva. Ten years we with Igor Nikolayev lived together. And all the tears Lena came back to me a boomerang. The pain I caused her, I fully felt in my own skin”.

We will remind that Igor and Natasha were married for 13 years. The composer noticed begins at the time the singer in 1990. He took the young talent on the road with us to Tallinn, where they have erupted and feeling. Nikolaev very nicely courted the girl, but she didn’t let him get too close. Then Igor decided to marry the singer. The wedding was was Chertanovskaya registry office. The celebration was secret and took place in the apartment.

And at the end of last year, Igor Nikolaev and Natasha Koroleva proved that despite all the unpleasant moments associated with their high-profile breakup, they are ready to support each other and stay beautiful duet on stage. Composer supported ex-wife at her solo concert in the Kremlin, which the singer has marked the 25th anniversary of his creative activity. Igor Nikolaev and Natasha Koroleva reunited on stage