Natasha Koroleva again became a mother

Наташа Королева снова стала мамой
Singer showed a little boy.

Natasha Koroleva with godson

Photo: @natellanatella Instagram Natasha Koroleva

Natasha Koroleva shared joy: she had another son. She became the godmother of the baby of good friends. The ceremony of baptism took place in Prague, where the singer arrived in advance. The singer was deeply troubled by what is happening.

“I had another son! My sweet godson Maximilian! I’m so happy for my friends Roma and Julianna! This radiant, long-awaited boy was brought into your and our lives so much joy, light and positive emotions! May God give him happiness!” — said the Queen.

Meanwhile, Natasha is waiting that she will soon be able to have another child, which is so much dreaming. The singer says that at one time she and her husband spent a lot of time and effort to get pregnant again. The couple even went through a failed IVF. “There was a period when we sought medical care were replanting, and letting the eggs. It was all and nothing happened, God gave…” — said Natasha. However, the 42-year-old singer was not going to give up and hopes to be able to give beloved husband — Sergey Glushko another child.