Наташа Ионова снялась среди кучи мусора
Popular singer Natasha Ionova, which the fans know under the pseudonym of Glucose, has surprised its subscribers a new photo.

Наташа Ионова снялась среди кучи мусора

In the microblog singer appeared a picture in which she starred at the mountain of garbage.

“No matter where you are. Matter who you are,” wrote under a photo Glucose.

Наташа Ионова снялась среди кучи мусора

Followers appreciated the sense of humor of Natasha.

“Candy in the trash anyway candy!”, “Believe me, my Friend Nikulinskaya the circus: you this dump was turned into Jewelry!”, “Boy, that can be pinned! With a sense of humor all right”, “have Fun, Thank you! And creativity thank you!” – notice subscribers.

But some netizens do not approve of such frame of the singer, noting that this is not the original.

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