Natasha Friske showed a photo of the daughter

Наташа Фриске показала фото дочери
Sister Jeanne Friske presented the godchild and the godfather.

Photo: Instagram

The Friske family still can not accept the fact that Joan is no more. But life goes on. The sister of singer Natalie in a personal blog shares with followers the important points. Alas, she fails to communicate properly with his nephew, the son of Jeanne a Plato due to contradictions that are still standing between her father and Dmitry Shepelev. But she spends time with her daughter, though, godmother.

At the weekend, Natasha met with little Sophia and her friend Nicholas. A few years ago, they are together become godparents of the daughter of mutual friends and are now considered the godfathers. Together they walked on the street and visited the restaurant.

“It was pleasant meeting!” — shared joy Natalia.

She, incidentally, is quite normal, not a star’s life. Despite the famous surname, Natasha works as a beautician in a suburban beauty salon. Namely making eyebrows and eyelashes his client. For services Friske is all! She generally doesn’t behave like a star. Everyone is saying that Natasha is a girl of exceptional kindness. She’s always in a good mood, and her sadness she tries not to show it. For these qualities have always loved Joan and that little sister always tried to be like.