Natalya Varley: “In our relations with Tikhonov stepped in disease”

Наталья Варлей: «В наши отношения с Тихоновым вмешалась болезнь» Former daughter Mordyukova, and other relatives remembered her only child, whose fate was tragic. Talented and handsome son of Nonna Victorovna and Vyacheslav Tikhonov died of a drug overdose.
Наталья Варлей: «В наши отношения с Тихоновым вмешалась болезнь»

Nonna Mordjukova included in the top 20 of the most outstanding Actresses of the XX century the British encyclopedia “who is Who”. Succeeded in any role, but she was not able to play the most important to become a happy wife and mother.

Passionate Cossack Mordjukova mad men once appeared the companies were immediately in the center of attention. And she fell in love many times. Was married twice. Second marriage with Vladimir But – lasted about six months. And the most important love story in her life was the relationship with Vyacheslav Tikhonov, they were married for 13 years. Tikhonov Mordjukova gave birth to their only son Vladimir.

Beautiful, talented, with a deep strong voice, Tikhonov Jr. could make a career in film and theatre, but his fate was tragic. He died in 1990, according to the official version – from heart failure, the cause of which, according to doctors, could be a drug overdose. The first wife of Vladimir Tikhonov – his former classmate at the theatre school. Schukina, Natalya Varley also claimed that the son Mordyukova died after consuming illicit substances. In the documentary of the First channel “Forgive for love”, is dedicated to Nonna Mordyukova, Natalia, who divorced Vladimir Tikhonov before his death, once told why her first marriage broke up.

Наталья Варлей: «В наши отношения с Тихоновым вмешалась болезнь»
Наталья Варлей: «В наши отношения с Тихоновым вмешалась болезнь»“In our relations with Volodya stepped in, so to speak (don’t want to say another word), his illness, which I could not cope,” – said Varley.
Наталья Варлей: «В наши отношения с Тихоновым вмешалась болезнь»

Relatives Mordyukova, for example, his sister Ludmila, a now openly say what happened with the son of Nona and Vyacheslav, not in the least blame the parents, “lost the wolf”. Nonna Viktorovna many were engaged in personal life, and Tikhonov has not always paid attention to her son.

Наталья Варлей: «В наши отношения с Тихоновым вмешалась болезнь»“He also had to deal with the son. And he will come, Volodya him: “Daddy, buy me a table.” And Glory: “I’d buy you, but what’s on the table stand – globe or bottle?” And – all. So Volodya and grew like grass in the field,” said the sister Mordyukova Lyudmila.

Vladimir Tikhonov served in the theater of the Soviet Army and theatre Actor, starred in 19 films. After her divorce from Varley married again – for the figure skater Natalia Egorova, which in 1981 gave him a second son (the first one, Basil, was born in the marriage with Varley in 1972). Vladimir Vladimirovich Tikhonov graduated from GITIS, and now he is a actor at the theatre of romance.