Наталья Селезнева едва сдерживает приступы ревности The actress spoke about family problems. Natalia Selezneva have been married for 49 years, but the crisis in relations with her husband she still happen. However, the movie star is trying all means to avoid conflict situations.
Наталья Селезнева едва сдерживает приступы ревности

Natalia Seleznev and Vladimir Andreevu married 49 years. The marriage of movie stars considered to be perfect, but they do not deny that often face conflicts and quarrels. According to Selezneva, they have very different characters. Moreover, they differ in some views on life and even eating habits.

Despite all these nuances, Selezneva considers her husband a real ideal. At the time, Vladimir Andreev was extremely popular with the opposite sex, which is why the actress had sometimes to restrain fits of jealousy. In the program “on a visit in the morning,” she said about how to cope in such situations.

“Yes, jealousy, of course, existed. Still, we were both popular actors. I am very impulsive, and frequently act out. Even if the jealous husband, could not hold back emotions. Immediately started to cry, to Express. My anger only lasts for a maximum of half an hour. Then I cool down and run to put up”, – said Seleznev.
Наталья Селезнева едва сдерживает приступы ревности

The couple met on the set. According to Vladimir Andreeva, Natalia Seleznev was absolutely in love with all men. However, he was not afraid to start taking care of her. The movie star was not embarrassed about the age difference, because my husband is older than her fifteen years. According to Selezneva, she immediately felt a spiritual connection with the beloved, and therefore was sure that the relationship will be strong.

Now the couple can’t imagine life without each other, but years later, they are still very different people. Vladimir is vegetarians, and Natalia loves meat. A man prefers to sleep late, and his famous wife, on the contrary, is the owl. However, all this does not prevent the star to keep the family idyll. Communicating with Maria Shukshina, the actress revealed the secrets of semeynogo happiness.

“It is very important that you understand and respect each other. For 49 years, Vladimir has never tried to get out of the house, and I haven’t tried. We never have Packed her bags and fled. For so many years, you become family. In his youth, of course, pay attention to the external attractiveness of a man for his sense of humor. And with age becomes an important reliability. My husband is a very reliable person, I was lucky”, – said Natalia.

Now the main joy of the star couple are their grandchildren. They try to be with the children all the free p, pampered them.

In the program “on a visit in the morning,” Vladimir Andreyev remembered his close friend Igor Kvasha. According to her husband Selezneva, the actor has always been good and reliable helpers in their family. Together they celebrated all the holidays, and therefore, the death of TV presenter became spouses a real shock.

“He was a very kind, sincere man. One day I got a call from the wife of Igor, told me to with him urgently communicated. As it turned out, Igor is not enough communication, simple human. He had not been out of bed but she needed friendship. When he left, we can say that we lost a family member. It was a shock”, – said Andreev.

At the end of the program presenter Maria Shukshina said that the star couple, is her role model. The actress stressed that she is dreaming to meet a man with whom want to spend many years.