Наталья Седых сделала из детской будуар
The program “a Perfect repair” visited the apartment of the star of the fairy tale “Morozko”.

Наталья Седых сделала из детской будуар

Photo: Gevorg Markosyan

Fairytale Alexander row “frost” was released on Soviet screens as many as 54 years ago! Despite it all I still remember the actress Natalia Sedykh, which played a role in the film Anastasia. “If you warm, girl?” — this phrase from the film is called, “went to the people.”

Gray is not so much starred in the movie, she became a star of ballet and won the stage. Fans are glad that she is still alive and has not become another “rubber doll” from plastic surgery. On the contrary, the actress didn’t do anything, look his age. In that its fans can make sure to include the transfer of “Perfect repair” on the First channel on April 21.

On a visit to actress came in leading the project Natasha Barbier and his team of designers and builders. At the request of Gray they remade old baby of her son in an elegant boudoir, the star of theater, film and ballet.

Photo: a frame from the transmission

This room in the apartment Natalia e has long turned into a warehouse of useless things. After her son Alex moved in with his father, the composer Viktor Lebedev, Saint Petersburg, his room was empty, and now literally sparkle with new colors.

“The son does not spoil me with visits, said Gray in an interview to “Caravan of Stories” six years ago. — Lives in constant search of a better work, life partner. I look at myself in thirty years. My God, this is such a twist! Life situations, romantic relationships, everything. After graduating from the faculty of international relations of St. Petersburg University, he works at the Academy of arts head of the Department for cultural relations with foreign countries. Not married, girls flashing one after another. I never tire of repeating: “Alyosha in Moscow! Enough, learned — go back!” In the capital, more opportunities to realize themselves young man. But his life is good at Lebedev in a huge apartment. Viktor has equipped son own half bath.

— I need help! — repeat ex-husband.

— How can I expel his own son?

— Buy him an apartment in Moscow, he quickly leaves.

Although, of course, talking easily, but in fact to purchase housing in the capital is not easy.

I’m not mad, not even enough to Alyosha sat at my skirt. This is the worst that can happen to a boy. Children should have a life, I insist on it. As well as the parents.”