Наталья Гвоздикова о любовнице Евгения Жарикова: «Я ее презираю» The actress came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Natalya Fyodorovna spoke about how he survived the betrayal of the wife of the famous artist Yevgeny Zharikov. Gvozdikova has actually won their women’s happiness.
Наталья Гвоздикова о любовнице Евгения Жарикова: «Я ее презираю»

Natalya Gvozdikova Feodorovna was one of the most beautiful Actresses of the Soviet cinema. Despite good looks and a successful career, personal life of a celebrity there were many losses and betrayals. The first marriage of the actress with the mathematician Alexander ended in failure. As admitted Gvozdikova, the husband was a pathological jealous man, moreover, he was systematically beaten artist. According to Natalia Feodorovna, she decided on divorce after the death of her beloved father. At this difficult time for her, she learned that her husband repeatedly cheated on her. Gvozdikova without hesitation filed for divorce.

After a while Natalya Fyodorovna met second husband, actor Yevgeny Zharikov. Lovers hid the affair from colleagues during the filming of the serial “Born by Revolution”. The script of the film, Zharikov and Gvozdikova, too, were husband and wife… And already on 2 August 1976 the star couple was born a son, Theodore. The actress shared that the years of marriage it was difficult.

“It is very hard to keep the family together when you are apart. Yes, Jack wanted more children… But I was quickly returned to the TV, worked a lot,” recalled the actress.
Наталья Гвоздикова о любовнице Евгения Жарикова: «Я ее презираю»

After the birth of the child Natalya Fyodorovna continued to work successfully in film and theater, engaged in the education of his son. To the public a couple Gvozdikovoy and Zharikova was exemplary. The actress had no idea that her famous husband had a second family. Journalist Tatiana Seredova tried to destroy the marriage of Natalya Fyodorovna and Yevgeny Ilyich.

“It was blackmail, intimidated him. It was all very painful… My life with Jack was so happy, because he loved me. This was a paradox… I thought anything, not with this woman. She was just chasing, she chased us. I even could not imagine. And she was counting on the fact that I expel him, he will remain single and be with her. He was given a choice to live for two families,” – said Gvozdikova.
Наталья Гвоздикова о любовнице Евгения Жарикова: «Я ее презираю»

According to the memoirs of the actress, the mistress of her husband was an ugly woman, a gray mouse. That deception has tried to divert Zharikova from the family, spreading gossip about him and her.

“You know, a person makes a mistake, it’s addictive. Then he becomes confused, begins a blackmail… After I learned the truth, we sat down at the table and quietly talked. He told me everything. I was for the jacket. Said to him: “you Have freedom of choice. In theory, I was inclined to he left. Although I loved and love still. This woman I despise.” – admitted Natalia Fedorovna.

The actress has been able to bring himself forgave Yevgeny Ilyich. In total the couple had lived together for 38 years. “We are very different people, so maybe we were together so long. If not for that nasty story… we had so much good. Jack gave me my beloved son. He brought me things from the tour and never made a mistake with the size,” recalled Natalya Fyodorovna.

Zharikova mistress gave birth to two children, but illegitimate from another woman Gvozdikova not communicate.

At the end of the program Natalia Fedorovna has told how he left the life of Yevgeny Ilyich. The actor fought to the last, but the cancer won.

“I’m not a doctor, but each of us has our own resource. Eugene had one operation, then another. Brought the infection into the spine. He was not bedridden patients, even drove the car. Then we went with my son every day to him in the hospital. Zhenya has a chance to say goodbye, won’t tell anyone his last words. I heard everything I wanted. I only know the truth,” said Gvozdikova.