Наталья Гундарева первые деньги заработала в 13 лет
The actress realized very early in life, she will have to seek only their own.

Photo: Mosfilm-info

Unknown facts about the childhood of Natalia gundarevoj for the first time shared her longtime friend, writer of the Odessa film Studio screenwriter Yevgeny Zhenya.

“The fact that Natasha lived not too rich. Her parents divorced when she was ten years old. Father started another family. Well, my mother, who served as engineer in the design office, so again not come out. And they lived in a single mother’s salary. Natasha recalled: “In our communal Taganka were 43 people. And all had one sink. Even just to get a bucket of water for washing, had to defend the place. And in General the place was lacking to such an extent that sometimes families shared a sheet on a string”. No TV or other frills have Gundareva was not found. Even new shoes to buy, when Natasha grew out of old – and that’s the problem”.

Mother since childhood taught her, money must be earned. This is extremely important, everything else can wait. And first money earned Gundareva, as a teenager. “Natalia said, “I raised loops on the stockings the girls-friends, it was a laborious task and complex, and I was able. Pay for it for 50 cents. And then mom taught me to knit, and she and neighbors began to make scarves, some blouses. This small money you helped us”.

Natasha and after many years very seriously this issue is treated. Was ready to settle for the easiest conditions at work, but carelessness in money matters couldn’t stand.

“When we became friends with her, she already had the highest acting rate: 56 rubles per day (the average salary of an engineer was 120 roubles per month) – continues to Jenin. – And go and try it at least on the day payment hold! Natasha is in such cases always went to swear. Else she loved in life repeat the phrase of the monologue that I wrote for creative meetings: “I am with you it is very exciting, and you tell me, please, the amount of words”.

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