Наталья Бондарчук: «Мама сказала папе: «Сережа, нам надо расстаться»
Daughter of the famous Director has revealed the truth about the divorce of Sergei Bondarchuk and Inna Makarova.

Natalya Bondarchuk


When Sergei Bondarchuk and Inna Makarova was born a daughter, Natalie, her parents were already well-known artists. A film by Sergei Gerasimov “Young guard”, where he played Bondarchuk and Makarov watched the whole country to tears reliving the tragic fate of the characters in the movie. “I little looked “Young guard”, the mother on the screen were dying in agony — and then walked alive, blooming and smiling. And I realized: Lyubka Shevtsova wanted to be an artist, it got the Nazis, she was ill, in the hospital, I lay back, then recovered, changed her name and went to VGIK to do, — says Natalya Bondarchuk. — And the Pope is the bar, which crumbled all the Nazis with a machine gun. I clearly know that I am the child of heroes, and accordingly dressed. Was wearing a fur hat with a star, was delayed a military belt, wore valenki with galoshes and went to fight with the boys for justice. I was very belligerent child. Did not want to be an artist, I thought it was the wrong kind of profession. And the right — firefighters and border guards… Good times, to high school, I lived very happily.”

But then in the life of little Natasha as her in my life since mom and dad happened a sharp turn — the parents broke up…

“I was eight years old. I realized that something bad happened, when my mother suddenly became very actively to talk to dad, and he had an odd, dead expression… And that’s me my dad wants to kiss me, and I’m going to dismiss him and say, “Folder, I won’t kiss you”. “Why?” “Because you kissed another woman…” He was very upset. Many years later we discussed the incident with Irina Konstantinovna Skobtseva (Bondarchuk went from Makarova to her. — Approx. ed.). The fact that during the war killed a great number of men, they are sorely lacking. And dad personified all the best men’s features: tanooki handsome man with wavy hair, he played a noble role, and so on. He was in love, and not only Irina Konstantinovna. He was, apparently, the novels and to her… When dad left, we have bags of unopened letters from his admirers, and many were postcards with his portrait, which was then sold in kiosks. They were then sent to the Pope an autograph and sent back. Remember when I tore the envelope outside envelope, while before me was not formed a pile of the same father’s portraits… it was rampant love. Yes, and I work for him was involved. But my mom just didn’t believe that dad can go. And dad wouldn’t leave if the mother never told him: “Sergei, we need to leave.” After explaining the mother in a kind of unconscious looked at the back of the Pope, and he wept bitterly. So they broke up…

Several years passed, and here in the school theater showed “the Destiny of man.” By this time father I have seen in a long time. How hurt I was when he told others the boy that he was his father, and he, sobbing, rushed to him: “Folder dear, I knew, I knew you’d find me!” It was so unbearable to watch that I began a wild attack of migraine, which were not few hours… I thought dad would not let me in his another family. Actually it was not so. Already an adult, I learned that obstacle was my mother. Dad came, wanted to see me, and she protected me from all sorts of contacts, were afraid of them. I loved father, and she apparently thought that, if I’ll see him, I’ll worry even more. I suffered that my father betrayed me and even doesn’t want to see…”

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