Наталья Бардо освоила стриптиз по желанию мужа
The actress took up pole dancing.

Photo: from personal archive of Natalya Bardo

After six months of lessons, pole dance Natalie complained: “Dancing
pole is very hard, I was covered in bruises, I do not understand
how girls dancing Striptease, it’s very painful, the skin, the body — everything hurts!”

The ability to dance on the pole it took the actress for performances in
a strip club. That’s where the action Comedy “Night
change”, which is directed by Marius waisberg, he is Natalia’s husband and father
her son. The heroine Bardot — the girl who dreamed of a dance career, and the fate of
turned so that I had to become a stripper. Despite the fact that to learn dancing
pole was not easy, the actress is the result of training satisfied:

“The hours we devote to the stretching and dedicate another hour of pole dance. Because of this, I had flexibility and posture
has improved, I even grew two inches, I swear!”

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