Natalya Andreychenko is building a spiritual center in Hawaii

Наталья Андрейченко строит духовный центр на Гавайях The famous Mary Poppins have looked after the land for their offspring. Previously, those wishing to attend her master classes she has attended in a private residence, but guests were forced to rent rooms in hotels nearby.

      Наталья Андрейченко строит духовный центр на Гавайях

      The last few years, the famous Mary Poppins rarely pleases fans of news. Recently, the actress impressed everyone, Obruchal bald and becoming a spiritual guru. Star of Soviet cinema three years ago moved to Mexico, where occasionally starred in the TV series and engaged practices. On the Caribbean coast it is celebrated on may 3, the 60th anniversary.

      A new year of life, she decided to commemorate the construction of the spiritual center. She visited the volcanic island of Maui, Hawaii, where near the Park, Haleakala national Park have looked after the land for their offspring.

      “A few days I was there in retreat (seclusion devoted to spiritual practice. – Approx. “StarHit”), – said Andreychenko. – After picking up the land for the Centre was considering the purchase.

      Local residents are already discussing the noble act of Russian celebrities. “Heard on the station during the year, plans to build several villas from èkomaterialy to stay “pupils”, – said the “StarHit” Alex, one of the islanders. – The landscape here is fascinating: a volcano, a jungle. Wait for material luxury is not: VIP rooms will not, after all, in Buddhism everyone is equal”.

      Before the actress took wanting in his own residence on the Riviera Maya. But to stay on while the five-day retreat guests had to book rooms in hotels. “Last year’s program included yoga, meditation and communication with Natalia. The first thing I had to turn off the phone – he was banned like any other gadgets, – says Olga, a participant of the seminars. We spent hours talking about philosophy, she is a very wise woman. Those who visit it, an important spiritual aspects: emotional cleansing, self love, proper nutrition”.

      Resort area on the East coast of Mexico, where recently settled an actress, became a local sacred place. In the land of the Aztecs Andreichenko has not established a monument and was awarded a diploma, which she handed to the mayor of Cancun. According to the artist, to achieve inner calm helped her with such teachers as the Dalai Lama, philosopher Bert Hellinger. In addition to the workshops and it arranges the celebrations, where dancing and singing together with like-minded people.

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