Натали чуть не стала жертвой изнасилования The actress told how on the road to her room penetrated obsessive fan. The man tried to lie down with the singer in bed. The singer saved by the bell fan.
Натали чуть не стала жертвой изнасилования

Natalie visited the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. She admitted she paid too dearly for quick career and deafening glory. Artist lost in the early stages of their first child, a year later, her family was struck by tragedy.

“It was in the 18th and 19th years of each other… First was a miscarriage, and then frozen pregnancy. But at that age I didn’t fully realize what had happened, the youth… I was afraid of the fact, because at a certain period is repeated. Only once in the hospital, I met with women who had different fates. At the hospital, I heard so much talk!”– shared the singer.

Natalie said that her husband Alexander, with whom she’s been happily married for almost 27 years, supported her in a difficult period. At that time, the couple sent all their forces to work. In 1998, Natalie released their first hit “the Wind was blowing from the sea”. The singer became famous, attracted full audiences, fans lay in wait for the star at the entrance, some fainted when they saw the idol in real life. “It is a time of opportunity. I thought the performances, and I’ll be back home in Dzerzhinsk. Sasha and repairs have started to do in my grandmother’s apartment, which is inherited. Plans to stay in the capital then was neither I, nor my husband. Just wrote songs for myself more. But Moscow would not let go, was the constant concerts. Some fans 90 times came to my shows,” recalled the artist.

Natalie admitted that at the peak of popularity, she was dreaming of children and a peaceful family life. “I went to the temple to ask about the baby. Nine o’clock I prayed. And so soon in my life appeared first son”, – said the artist. In 2001, Alexander and Natalie had their first son Arseny, nine years later, Anatoly. In April last year, the whole country learned that a popular favorite was the mother of another boy, who was named Eugene. “I bought before children three Teddy bears: black, light and brown. They are always with me traveling. And wow, Arseny was born with red hair, Anatoly, as he says, a natural blond, but Jack – dark brown,” said Natalie.

In 2013 the artist was another rise in his career. The song “Oh my God, what a man!”reached top of all local charts. Natalie again began tour a lot. After a concert the singer returned to the hotel room, where they found a stranger, who lay in wait for her after the performance.

“I don’t even know how to describe it. The situation was comical, but also tragic at the same time. I had a number of performances outside our country. Somehow, having worked on stage, I came to the hotel, lay down to rest. And then I see through the balcony in the room climbs to the middle Eastern man. Apparently, he thought that the way – just to me get and I will not deny… I did not lose, immediately ran out of the room. That’s when I realized, there are very dangerous situations where I have to defend myself. The husband at that moment was talking with some men, they are distracted. These people were armed. But I figured chief among them. As a man with a man just talked to him, explained that it is impossible. I am very grateful to Sasha that he was not on them bychit, as would most husbands. He realized that I had to agree,” shared Natalie.

At the end of the program, the singer has repeated several times that today absolutely happy. In 43 years not every woman becoming a mother, and even a third time. The birth of a son Eugene Natalie considers it a miracle. The artist turned to his past: “Dear Natasha, never fear, love. Oh, I have something brief. Believe in yourself, trust people. Everything will be fine!”– summed up the star.

In this edition of “the Destiny of man” Boris korchevnikov made a sensational recognition, in a short time he will become a dad. Natalie congratulated the broadcaster and said that he is the perfect father. “Bob, as you are! But first, we want to hear: “Kiss!”You’re invited to the wedding?”- asked the singer. The presenter felt a little embarrassed, but did not disclose the details when he is born heir. The name of the lady korchevnikov also not concealed. Boris korchevnikov is preparing to become a father