Natalie turned from blonde to oyster abdomen”

Натали превратилась из блондинки в «устричное брюшко» The singer has come up with a witty name for her new hair color. Natalie shared with her fans a selfie that was made after going to the beauty salon where the star has transformed professionals.

      Натали превратилась из блондинки в «устричное брюшко»

      Natalie star who over the years has not lost its beauty and charm. The slender figure of the singer and her appearance to delight fans. Some even joke that the artist learned the secret of eternal youth.

      However, Natalie herself is not without a sense of humor. The artist is not averse to laugh at themselves. Besides, she does not hesitate to experiment with looks. Sometimes experiments of the singer are quite original.

      Recently, the star, which audiences know and love as the sultry blonde, came out of the beauty shop with pale pink hair. Unusual color she described very bitingly – oyster abdomen”. As proof of this, Natalie has published a collage with the oyster.

      We will remind, singer Natalie has two sons. Senior Arseniy fifteen years old and the youngest Anatolia – five. Artist demostriruet rare for the stars of faithfulness in marriage. With her husband, businessman Alexander Rudin, she have been together for a quarter of a century.

      The reason for such a strong family Natalie calls a strong love. The actress got married at the age of 17 at the behest of the heart. Despite the fact that the singer successfully builds a career, she managed to find a balance between work and personal life. Furthermore, Natalie does not exclude that in the future she will be born third child.

      “From my own experience I can say that such plans do not always come true, so — God willing. Have not uttered the phrase: “Want a child”, because people want impossible. If another baby comes into our lives, we will raise it and raise the person”, – says the singer.

      Singer Natalie spoke about the third child

      It should be noted that Natalie’s very important to support her family. She is very pleased that his beloved spouse is not jealous of her numerous admirers, and the kids are on their own experience were able to see how much hard work moms.

      “There were, of course, the moment when it seemed to me that my sons don’t quite understand what I do. It is my job seen as easy, fun and relaxing, which is what I always feared. So I asked them to do my video for the song “Volodya”. During the filming of the video the boys realized what hard work it is to be an artist,” shared Natalie in an interview with reporters.