Натали рассказала подробности быстрого похудения после родов
A few months ago, the family of the famous singer Natalie was born the third child.

Натали рассказала подробности быстрого похудения после родов

43-year-old actress decided a long time not to sit on the decree and have already begun to work.

Natalie always amazes fans with his appearance, and now, after the third birth, the singer quickly regained slender figure.

“My long-term food system is called “two palms”. Fold your palms in the shape of a bowl and get the amount of recommended food portions. And these two hands I eat every three hours. Even if it is late evening, time to sleep, but appetite. The body gets used to the portions, have time to digest them, but with this system you will never be hungry. And the food can be any. Even the cake, but observe the volume and the interval in time”, – said the young mother.

The singer admits that strives for every child to pay attention and from a very early age teaches them to be independent.

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