Natalie shared the first photo of newborn son

Натали поделилась первыми фото новорожденного сына The actress and the baby were heading home. The celebrity has been in the hospital three days – last Friday, the singer gave her husband an heir. Nathalie and her husband Alexander has not yet decided on a name for a boy.

      Натали поделилась первыми фото новорожденного сына

      Last Friday, the seventh of April, singer Natalie became a mother for the third time. 43-year-old actress gave her husband Alexander another son. The child was born weighing 3500 grams and height 51 cm. Three days later Natalie and newborn baby were discharged from the hospital. Alexander met the wife and the heir from the clinic. Likely, the man had time to prepare for the appearance of the son in the house and purchase everything you need for the first days of his life. The artist believed in omens, and therefore didn’t want to buy anything in advance.

      Натали поделилась первыми фото новорожденного сына

      Now the couple is still debating how to name an heir. The couple believe that seeing the child will be able to determine the name.

      Alexander support in a difficult minute. He reported about the joyous event – the new addition to the family. He said “StarHit” that the doctors could not name a specific date for the birth of the baby, but because it happened spontaneously and unexpectedly.

      “No one could determine exactly when she will give birth. This is the first pregnancy it is easy to say and much harder. Today she went to the doctor, decided to stay there, and in the evening gave birth! So it happened unexpectedly”, – shared Alexander.

      Fans were glad that the family Natalie was born another child. Despite the fact that the artist abandoned social networks and be totally immersed in caring for the newborn boy, followers rushed to congratulate the singer.

      “With a newborn! His health and his beautiful mother!” “Natalie, congratulations to you and your family with the completion! Be happy and healthy”, “Congratulations on the completion. What a delight to raise three heroes,” wrote Natalie fans.

      The singer has repeatedly admitted that dreams about a large family and intends to become a mother for the third time. Each of the kids, the singer literally begged the heavens. About ten years Natalie was trying to give birth to their first child, and only the belief in a miracle has helped to make dreams come true celebrity. In 2001, there appeared her eldest son, Arseniy, and a second child, Anatoly, was born in 2010.