Natalie Portman talked about her addiction during pregnancy

Натали Портман рассказала о своей зависимости во время беременности

The second child of Natalie Portman, judging by the size of her belly that needs to be born in the near future. Despite the fact that labor is very close, the actress is not closed the house in anticipation, and continues to lead an active social life as before pregnancy.

Not to say that child bearing is given by the actress easily. For example, Portman admitted that during the pregnancy she became obsessed with food.

“I have an irrational fear that during some events or filming, I will not be able to eat what I want. So now, before going anywhere I try to eat a plate of pancakes, veggie Burger, or something else that I love,” said Natalie evening on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

The rest is, as Natalie says, she feels quite comfortable. The only thing that it slightly annoying is cautious and overly caring of others. The actress admits that she is annoying and angry: “People have become very careful with me. Sometimes volunteering to help in some nonsense, saying, “Oh, you don’t have to get up!”. But I still can get out of the chair! Perhaps the only indulgence I am willing to take because of the pregnancy, the passage to the toilet queue”.

Recall that the future baby will be the second in the family of Natalie and Benjamin Millepied. The couple already have a son Aleph born in 2011.