Натали Портман рассказала о своих беременных причудах
“Interesting position” the actress can bring her an Oscar.

Natalie Portman

Photo: PA Images/TASS

Pregnant actress Natalie Portman, is usually absolutely tend not to say anything about his personal
life, suddenly started talking during
a recent TV show Ellen DeGeneres. It not only revealed the date of their upcoming
birth, but also told about their quirks.

As said the actress, her
the second pregnancy is absolutely not similar to the first. When she was expecting son
Aleph, who is now five years old, Natalia, to his extreme chagrin,
realized that she would have to break her usual power supply system. The fact that
Portman is a strict vegan, she even at her wedding, guests were treated
vegetarian and refused a wedding cake. But when Natalie
got pregnant the first time, then realized that she was unbearably want eggs and dairy
products that she didn’t usually use. “I ate a lot of eggs (especially in
the beginning) and just couldn’t live without cream — any: Creamed comprising
desserts and the most common…” — says the actress.

But now, during her second
pregnancy, Natalie appeared quite
other food cravings. “This time it’s not so bad — I binge,
basically, pineapple and cucumbers. Although sometimes I want to eat a burrito that
I just can’t resist. Well, it may not be so useful, but so
good…” said Portman.

About the pregnancy of the actress became
it is known in September, when she appeared at the Venice film festival. And
recently, Natalie revealed, when the plan is expected to the birth of her child
gender which it is not known yet because the actress wants to keep it that way
left a surprise. She’s due
this spring, as admitted Portman. In the meantime, in anticipation of the addition to
the family, Natalie and her husband Benjamin Millepied, has decided to do
dancing, which was recorded in the Studio.

Incidentally, as a joke
one of the friends actress, Portman this year could receive “Oscar”,
which it is prophesied the role of Jacqueline Kennedy in “Jackie.” After all, when
Natalie was pregnant last time, she won her first
figurines. So, perhaps, her pregnancy, back to work, like a talisman,
and bring Portman’s second Oscar.