Natalie Portman showed three-month-old daughter

Натали Портман впервые показала трехмесячную дочку
Fans of the actress arguing, who looks like a girl.

Натали Портман впервые показала трехмесячную дочку

Natalie Portman


Natalie Portman with her daughter

The other day passers-by on the streets
Los Angeles was pleasantly surprised when a cute petite brunette with a baby Hollywood star Natalie Portman. The paparazzi, of course, did not miss the chance
take photos of the stars that hit the net. They appeared, in particular,
on the website of the online edition of

pictures were the first pictures of daughter’s three month actress from Amalie Benjamin Millepied, of course, if a single photo from
the hospital, which at one time shared Natalie. Before, leaving home with a girl, she carefully hid her face. However, the atmosphere of secrecy surrounded the
Amalia is not something that is from birth, and even before

So, when Portman was carrying Amalia, she
concealed the date of the upcoming birth. “You think I’m gonna give birth very soon. On
I really bear a child for a very long time. Just when my miniature
height and body type, my stomach looks huge” — said Natalie shortly
before the advent of her light.

when the actress came in this year for awarding “Oscars”, she explained
his lack of poor health due to pregnancy. However, as it turned out
later that day, when the ceremony, she not only managed
give birth to a daughter, but already more than a week was discharged from the hospital, which made the
her in the light.