Natalie Portman on family and career in the magazine Porter

Натали Портман о семье и карьере в журнале Porter

Natalie Portman graced the cover of Porter magazine, in an interview which was frankly told and experienced stories of harassment, including sexual harassment suffered in childhood, and the unfair attitude towards the Actresses of the mothers in Hollywood.

Натали Портман о семье и карьере в журнале Porter

Now Portman is not only an actress, producer and Director, but also a wife and mother of two children, she understands women who have to juggle both career and family. Natalie strongly disagree with the fact that children ruin a career woman. “You know what? That it can also be related to the harassment. Maybe women don’t feel the job is safe, so ditch work and choose another path. It is proved also, that when a group of women and men equally, then the problem becomes smaller,” says Portman.

Early 36-year-old actress Natalie Portman attended the Vulture festival in Los Angeles, where he told the guests that are constantly subjected to sexual harassment by men.

Натали Портман о семье и карьере в журнале Porter
At first when I heard about the story of Harvey Vanshtein, which is 10 years sexually molested many young Actresses, Natalie immediately remembered the stories from his life. Not long thinking celebrity remembered that was repeatedly harassment. “When I heard the news I thought at first that I’m incredibly lucky that I never had. But then, well on reflection, I realized: Yes, I have not directly experienced violence, but discrimination and different forms of harassment I’ve faced throughout my career. And suddenly the thought that to me this doesn’t happen, I came to understand that with me just the same this has happened hundreds of times,” says the star.

The actress recalled the situation when the producer of one film where Natalie worked, invited her to Board a private plane. Unlike many other stories, the man began to molest Portman, because she asked him not to. “When I came, we were only two, and we had only one bed. Yes, nothing happened, did not bother me. I said that I’m uncomfortable in this situation, and heard me. But fact! It was bizarre, you know? This situation is unacceptable, it’s manipulation. I was scared. But every woman who goes alone at night on the street, feeling scared. I don’t think men understand what it is,” says celebrity.

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