Natalie Portman is expecting a baby after the message about divorce

Натали Портман ждет ребенка после сообщения о разводе The actress struck the rounded belly on the red carpet at the Venice film festival. A woman appeared at the premiere of “Planetarium” in a white dress that emphasized her changed shape.

      Натали Портман ждет ребенка после сообщения о разводе

      At the Venice film festival this furor has made the appearance of Natalie Portman on the red carpet. Movie star arrived at the Lido to present a new film with his participation “Planetarium”.

      Day actress appeared on fotocelle in the spacious dress with butterflies that hide her figure. Journalists immediately began to discuss the interesting position of the star. However, after the premiere of the picture no one doubts remained: the actress is pregnant. Elegant white gown, Portman emphasized her rounded tummy. The star looked very happy.

      The picture with Natalie in the lead role, tells the story of two sisters who have manifested supernatural powers. They know how to communicate with ghosts. During a speech in Paris, they met with a French producer who wants to extract benefits for themselves, using talented psychics. In Russian cinemas the film will be released on 1 December.

      Many fans of Portman was surprised by the news that she decided on a second child, because in recent years in their family often in disagreement. Some time ago her husband had left the post of artistic Director of the Paris Opera. Now Benjamin is often on the move. “He returned to his touring troupe, LA Dance Project, leaving Natalie alone. She wondered whether it was necessary to change her usual way of life in Los Angeles, the city that she loves much more of Paris. What she had suffered such tremendous stress?”, – say, surrounded by couples.

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      The actress used to live in America, so the rhythm of European countries-she seems boring. In the US, for it opened more opportunities in terms of career, but she chose to raise his son and a trip to the hometown of the wife.

      “For me, Los Angeles is the place where you create new and interesting art, it is very nice to me impregnated with creative energy. Paris is also beautiful, but I still prefer to look at it through the eyes of a tourist. Living here, I realized that the mentality of the Americans and the French are very different, we are very different,” shared Natalie in an interview.