Натали Портман опровергла отношения с Моби

53-year-old American DJ Moby has released a book of memoirs Then It Fell Apart (“And then everything collapsed”), in which he spoke about relations with Natalie Portman. Star protested read and was assured that the book is full of lies.

Натали Портман опровергла отношения с Моби

“We kissed under the old oak trees and slept next to each other in the Dorm room of Harvard. For several weeks I tried to be a boy Natalie, but nothing came of it,” he writes. Really, the guy could not come, but with a future star Lana Del Rey, Moby to start the novel turned out. Then she was an aspiring young singer named Lizzie Grant.

Natalie gave an interview to Harper’s Bazaar, and explained that some information about. “I was shocked to hear that he calls the short time I knew him, Roman. According to my memories, him being much older than me, treated me pretty dumb, but I had just finished school. He said that I was 20, but it is not so. I was a teenager. I just turned 18. Neither he nor his publisher had not checked the facts, and it seems that this is intentional. I hate that he used this story to increase sales of his book. And it’s not just that. There are many other factual errors and notions. I wish he or his publisher has been factchecking,” says the actress.

“He had a tour, and I worked for a movie so we hung out together a few times before I realized it was an adult who feels misplaced interest,” she added.

According to Portman, she was a fan of Moby and went to one of his concerts after the school graduation, and then met with him and he invited her to become friends. Due to busy schedules they were able to see only a few times.

Moby himself recalls in his book that when they first met Portman flirted with him, and then describes her visit to Cambridge in 1999: according to him, they held hands and kissed, and then together lying on the narrow bed of the actress in her Dorm, and when Natalie is asleep, musician “carefully extricated himself from her arms and took a cab to my hotel”.

Recall that in an interview, Portman always outspoken and not afraid to talk about the conflicts with other stars. In an interview with USA Today Natalie told me how young she was very impressed with the artwork, which was a photo of a young Jessica Simpson in a bikini. “I remember when I was a teenager, I came across a magazine with Jessica Simpson in a bikini and says “I’m a virgin”. Don’t know what I was trying to say is this woman pretending to be a girl,” the unflattering comments, the actress.

Such a statement obviously hurt Simpson, she said: “I was disappointed that you reacted negatively to my skin in bikini 1999, when I really was a virgin. We were both public persons, and we know that can’t always control their own image. Industry in which we operate, she puts everything in its place, defining our place. However, I was taught to be myself and to respect different ways of expression of women. I believed then and continue to believe that to look sexy in a bikini and be proud of your body does not mean to have sex. I always give women an example of what they can look however they want. I follow this rule always and not shame other women for their choices,” writes the singer.

Portman immediately realized his mistake. Conflict the actress commented on the ET and apologized to the singer. “I didn’t want anyone to shame. I was talking about the promises of the media on young women. I apologize for the pain my words caused. I didn’t mean… I made the mistake of calling the name. It was possible to Express thought, not to get personal”.

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