Natalie Portman complained of sexual harassment

Натали Портман пожаловалась на сексуальные домогательства
The actress has decided on recognition in the Wake of the scandal with Weinstein.

Натали Портман пожаловалась на сексуальные домогательства

Natalie Portman


Natalie Portman joined the “army” of Hollywood Actresses,
alleging harassment. As admitted star,
here already 5 years living in a happy marriage with Frenchman Benjamin Millepied and
married, with two children, she did not immediately realize that she is ranked
themselves to the victims.

“At first, when Weinstein started to blame
harassment and rape, I thought, “How fortunate for me that I
nothing happened. But then I got to thinking and realized that I can
to tell almost a hundred such stories about themselves. No, directly at me no one
attack. But almost every project was someone whose actions could
be regarded as harassment. Just, I used to perceive it as
a necessary evil, as part of show business…” — said 36-year-old Natalie.

“Once, for example, happened to me this story: I was invited
a ride to a new location on his private plane one producer. But
when I entered the cabin, he saw that he had a bed, and she
spread out… Not understand the allusion was simply impossible. Fortunately, he did not
attacked. I strongly refused to “sex” and he accepted my refusal. But it was a terrible flight: I to the end
I was afraid that he will go to decisive action, and to escape I had nowhere…,” said Portman. However, to disclose the name of the producer — hero of this story — she’s not

Told the actress when she was younger, so it is not perceived, only,
as the object of desire, Natalie refused the role with bed
scenes, but even those that had lots of kissing. “I didn’t want to turn into
the view of the audience in lolita. It is absolutely not part of my plans!” —
admitted Portman. Recall: Natalie
debuted in the film very early on — she became famous after she played in
“Leon” with Jean Reno for the role in which she adopted when she was only 12 years old.

Natalie Portman with her husband and children