Natalie Nevedrova: “Then I decided to do a genetic test!”

Натали Неведрова: «Тогда я решилась сделать генетический тест!»
Host of the show “heads and Tails” revealed their beauty secrets and flawless shape.

Натали Неведрова: «Тогда я решилась сделать генетический тест!»

In an exclusive interview
a favorite all over the country Teleputeshestviya Natalie Nevedrova explained why
she is now five years goes to the same beautician of any reasons not
allow strangers to his person, as became a vegetarian, and after
abandoned this idea, and many more interesting things that I want to take

“Every month I visit a beautician. I was very lucky that I
found their man, because the health of your skin — it matters
the health of your internal organs, says Natalie. — I really like that
my beautician is responsible for all questions comprehensively. Now, during asceta and
beauty bloggers, it is very difficult to find really worthy person, who is not
will breed on expensive procedures that are sometimes not needed. This
specialist, on the contrary, will study your body. Any rash on
the skin is not only the external factors. The problem must be sought inside.

Натали Неведрова: «Тогда я решилась сделать генетический тест!»

monthly do the cleaning — chemical, not the hardware. To hardware are
caution. Since some of them reduce the number of divisions of the cells,
accordingly, accelerating the process of aging. The exception is in one
case: I have scars on my forehead, which remained after rhinoplasty, and I
have to make laser correction. We are being laser processed region, and under itself
scar add a little gel to lift. So, the procedure for
procedure, the scar becomes invisible. For me it is important
because my face is my job.

In addition, periodically I do biorevitalisation
hylauronic acid, it allows to approach the deeper layers of the skin and
affect the first signs of aging. Because of the endless flights
the skin is of course dry, and the usual masochki, which are applied from above, it is not
always help. Biorevitalization, of course, helps, nourishes the skin, and it
looks more healthy.”

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