Натали Неведрова борется с последствиями ринопластики
The presenter has to get rid of scars.

Photo: photo from personal archive Natalie Nevedrova

Traveling in the framework of the program “heads and Tails” in different countries, Natalie never dared to try on
with its exotic treatments. The maximum that they could afford —
massage, who loves all types. But when a stranger, the therapist tries to move to her face, she always stops because he trusts only himself
proven, well-knowing it the skin specialists.

very lucky with the beautician. She never throws me on unnecessary
expensive treatments and taking care of my face, prefers gentle integrated
approach — says TV presenter. — She explained to me that any rash on
the skin — breaking of the the whole organism. The problem should
look inside. I do monthly cleaning — chemical, not
hardware. To hardware are wary. Some of these procedures
slow down the division of skin cells, consequently accelerating the process of aging.
The only exception is one case: I have scars on my forehead, which remained
after a rhinoplasty. I am forced to do laser correction. Gradually, the procedure
over the procedure, these scars become less visible. For me it is important
because the face is my job. Periodically, allow yourself biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid, it affects the deeper layers

is not the only problem Nevedrova. She has to fight and with the displacement of the cervical vertebrae. She treats this attack with regular massages. “Unfortunately, it is often impossible to straighten it, you can apply
damage to health” — says TV presenter.

all the problems Natalie manages to cope thanks to the systematic
professional care, sports and nutrition. “My attitude to food has changed a lot after childbirth.
A lot was hard to bear, she said. — I did a genetic test
hidden intolerance products. And it turned out that my ancestors ate
lamb, so my body does not produce the necessary enzymes to
split this meat into nutrients. So eating lamb, I just
litter in your own body…”

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