Натали Неведрова сделала ринопластику
TV presenter Natalie Nevedrova, which was loved by the audience after participating in the program “heads and tails”, have done rhinoplasty on February 24.

Натали Неведрова сделала ринопластику

It turned out that this was the second operation on the nose girl, the first she did for medical reasons. But in the end she only became worse, and Natalie began to have problems with health.

Натали Неведрова сделала ринопластику

“The operation lasted five hours. For the frame of the new nose used my own rib. Yes, I cut out a rib, crumbled it and put in the nose. Inside it looked much worse than the outside. And outside without a special gel, through which I was saved, he was a hook. One wing failed right after surgery. In seven years the situation has only worsened. Nose stopped breathing, climbed the cartilage that I was trying to “dissolve” the special preparations, but he did not respond,” said Neverov.

Now TV host is at home and recovering from surgery, she reported that the edge it is more concerned than the nose.

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