Natalie Nevedrova revealed details of a scandal with the producers of the show “heads or tails”

Натали Неведрова раскрыла детали громкого скандала с продюсерами шоу «Орел или решка»
The former host of claims that receives threats from former boss.

Натали Неведрова раскрыла детали громкого скандала с продюсерами шоу «Орел или решка»

Natalie Nevedrova

Photo: Social networks

Natalie Nevedrova was in the midst of a scandal with the program guide “heads or tails”. Not long ago, the presenter was able to “escape from slavery” — as she described the cooperation with the producers of the show.

“I “exhaled” when he left the show. True. Now I don’t have to coordinate all their interviews and take any action with production. After retiring in February I was a “slave” for several months and only recently have been able to break the contract thanks to the hard work of my lawyers. Teenspirit company that produces the show “heads and tails”, tried almost to deprive me of a livelihood. And how differently to treat a journalist to their ban on filming as the lead on other TV and other TV show? They obliged me to coordinate all their shooting, participation in advertising campaigns, literally all I do. So the company wanted to control me and get a percentage of everything I earn, even though in our contract there were no such conditions!” — spoke about the back part in shooting of the popular program.

Definitively to break off relations with the leadership of the show was more difficult than I thought Nevedrova. There was a scandal with Claudia Coca. Natalie gave a careless comment about the singer, who then without the consent of her were used in the press. “Immediately after the publication in the media of my response began some kind of hell! The whole day the phone my Manager, lawyer and my personal ringing off the hook the press service of the program. Came message with the requirements of “need to remove this stuff!” I personally threatened to sue and have accused that I have disclosed a commercial secret and “threw mud” singer. While the press and social networks at the time and already had photos and videos with the announcement about the participation of Claudia in the new season.

Natalie Nevedrova

Photo: Zina Romanenkova

This conflict is not over. After this incident, I started to receive anonymous calls from different people who said that they represent Claudia Coca. The man presented over the phone by an employee of the production center, said that, if I ever offend Claudia or even just mention her name to me will be dealt with differently. Threatened to “sink” compromising and intimate photos to the Internet, promised to block me oxygen on TV and so on!”, — admitted Natalie.

In addition, Neverov said that from the beginning participation in the TV show was “exposed idiot” all over the country. Thanks to the skillful installation she created the image of frivolous girls with the “unicorns in the head”, which in the future may prevent her from building a successful career.

“I think I was not given the full opportunity, as a real travel journalist, to tell many interesting facts about the countries in the final montages were only screams, shouts and other violent emotions, as a teenager… complained Natalie. — After the preparation of several editions of the program, I realized that I need to take matters into their own hands, which of course was physically hard, because we were filming without a break on a very tight schedule and worked non-stop. Today, when I look at the first releases with his participation, I understand that much should have been done differently, but at the moment I professionally performed installation, producers, Directors and editors. This led to the fact that the audience did not understand who I am and not all are imbued with sympathy for me because of this gross image!”