Natalie Nevedrova: “Cry when he left from his daughter”

Натали Неведрова: «Плачу, уезжая от дочери» The TV host candidly spoke about family life. The star of the program “heads and tails” Nevedrova Natalie admits that she was difficult to start working on the project. She was worried how to leave my family. Besides, the woman was worried not get along with Regina Todorenko.
Натали Неведрова: «Плачу, уезжая от дочери»

The new host of “heads and tails” Natalie Nevedrova 28 years. By this age, Natalie had to be the producer of the channel Muz-TV, “Yu”, led the show, “Bang Bang” together with actor Danila by Dunayev and TV presenter Vladimir Stroykom, was the face of morning Studio show “#detackification” rating of foreign celebrities STARBOOK with Sergei and Acharonim by Artem Shalimov, cooking show, “Eat” Sergey Acharonim and private reality show “simple.” In addition, the girl is fond of DJing, speaking under the pseudonym NEVEDROVA. Natalie’s house waiting for her husband Eugene, producer and musician, and daughter Marie-Nicole, which this year was two. The celebrity said “StarHit” why had little contact with relatives and for that he scolds her husband.

Natalie, how do you manage to combine the work of the presenter with the role of mother?
Натали Неведрова: «Плачу, уезжая от дочери»I just have the perfect husband Eugene. In our family there is nothing that I cook the soup, and the spouse leaves socks. We have had other relationships, we both of a creative nature. Zhenya your music label, events around the world, so he was very sympathetic to my work. He is also very busy, also travels a lot, so our family does not have the habit to control each other. However, after I got into the program, we have less to see… But on the other hand, for a long period of waiting gives the relationship a special thrill. Besides, Jack and I saw for my heavy emotional state after delivery. He understood that I needed a breath of air, so today is very happy for me. Of course the birth of my daughter was the best thing that ever happened to me in life, but the fulfillment for me is also important. So the husband is not something that is not against my work, he, on the contrary, was the first who gave me a kick in the ass that I participated in the casting of the “eagle and tails”. But when I called and said I passed it, I became very confused. She called her husband: “Jack, how are you going without me? Maybe I should give up?”, and he to me: “are You stupid? Quickly pack a suitcase!”

He’s not jealous? You’re constantly on the move around you so many people… And men, including!
Натали Неведрова: «Плачу, уезжая от дочери»Not at all. I was jealous only during pregnancy. Fortunately, Zhenya just laughed, because I realized that my behavior – the result of raging hormones. I have a very understanding and sensitive husband. After the birth, I was the strongest depression and only thanks to his support I recovered. Tears already rolled, I remember… I think it was then that I realized that I did not mistake with the choice of a husband. It is very easy to love someone when he’s just good and you inspired love, and not easy to be there when the bad man. I am very proud of my husband, he’s the best.
Who sits with Marie-Nicole, while you’re working?
Натали Неведрова: «Плачу, уезжая от дочери»When the baby was six months, we asked the mom, who is a pensioner, retire and be our nanny. She gladly agreed. And, fortunately, copes with her granddaughter. Marie-Nicole is a very active child, she never stays in one place all parents. And after I began to work in the program “heads and tails”, mother of the husband also began to come more often to visit and help with the baby. So I was lucky! Well Jack, of course, he tries to spend with Marie-Nicole as much time as possible when work allows.—
That bring daughter home?
Натали Неведрова: «Плачу, уезжая от дочери»Toys. But the grandparents and my husband do not always have time to buy something that I’m ashamed – Jack, for example, always tries to meet me at the airport, even with flowers, surprises…

As the rest of the family reacted, what you became the host of such a popular show?
Натали Неведрова: «Плачу, уезжая от дочери»I can’t say that I support a close relationship with them. When my daddy died, I was four years old. And I well remember, how in such a difficult situation, my mom and I lacked the support of the family… of Course some of them helped, but I remember very well that my mother was too lonely and difficult at the time. And it was ‘ 93, and you understand, how feel a woman, left with two children without a husband. So today I practically do not communicate with them. Mom replaced my all – and grandmothers and grandfathers and aunts and uncles. But with her husband’s parents we are very friendly. After each broadcast they write to me how they liked the praise. It is very nice.—
What did you do in order to get into the program “heads and tails”?
Натали Неведрова: «Плачу, уезжая от дочери»I recorded a video about my favorite place in Moscow: made a movie about the underground Parking of my new house that I recently moved. Much experience and languish in the expectation that I will answer, no time. Besides, I have been on auditions since the age of 12, I many times did not call back that I have no emotion attitude to failure. On the other hand, I certainly wanted to believe that this time everything goes, but an inner voice treacherously turned in a successful outcome… Now I realize that I just don’t believe that could happen! But I got a call! At the time, of course, had no idea what was waiting for me. First I felt joy, I called my husband, girlfriends, and then his head began to climb all sorts of unnecessary thoughts and fears. No, it’s not about how I’m going to combine family life with constant flights and that everything was resolved so quickly, just a couple of days that I couldn’t even like a woman to prepare for the filming to visit the hairdresser, manicurist, beautician.—
And before the first shooting day not knees gave way from excitement?
Натали Неведрова: «Плачу, уезжая от дочери»No. She started to chat with the guys from production, and I knew we would become good friends. They were so calm and confident that I will succeed that infected me. However, before departure, though, was a little scary. If I can’t make friends with Regina Todorenko, another leading? Because it is so long in the show, and here I am – a beginner. But I was glad that Regina was a positive girl, and we literally from the first minutes of communication became close friends.

What is most difficult in your work?
Натали Неведрова: «Плачу, уезжая от дочери»To leave home. It’s always difficult to take that step out of the apartment and close the door behind him, knowing that the next time you see relatives only after a fortnight. Daughter has because of age easy going through a separation, what can be said about me – I cry every time, approaching the Elevator. When I’m away, call the girl on Skype – Marie-Nicole talks about how he went to the baby club, I learned how to beat the drums, shows new toys, and then says, like, all, mom, bye! Long doesn’t want to talk to me, whether on business, or offended me. The first time I got the gold card, it was hard to get used to the idea that you can buy what you want. I am not a spender, and there is so much money! Where on earth do you spend? —
In many countries today, were you?
Натали Неведрова: «Плачу, уезжая от дочери»Ten. Most memorable first trip. We flew to Sardinia. First, I was in elated state, I wanted to scream from happiness that I was leading. And secondly, it’s so incredibly beautiful that I was ready to cry from these mind-blowing types. I also loved in Asia, there are some incredible, kind people. No household goods. They wash things in the river, there’s also brush my teeth, wash my face. And it is not floating! They are happy. In these villages are positive, though poor. I have never seen where someone was fighting. One family invited me to visit – in fact, they live six of us in a tent. And they are smiling, happy with life! Unlike us who are chasing money… I think there’s a lot to learn from Asians.—
Many viewers perceived hostility your appearance in the program. You don’t like their criticism?
No, I always ask yourself. Maybe people know better from my mistakes, and I will be able to fix them? Yes, of course, sometimes people write really nasty comments, but, tellingly, not in the comments to my photos and videos in the blog, and some public groups, or informal publics. Of course, I read everything, and not always nice. But, on the other hand, I understand people who, for example, write: “Return to Les!” Everything is logical: you watched the series and suddenly the main character was changed to another actor. Of course, you are angry. From the show “heads and tails” of the same. And on my page, surprisingly positive one. How many letters I get in “Direct” from girls and women who praise me for the sincerity, for your constant smile and positive attitude to life!