Natalie Nevedrova away from the “eagle and Tails” due to problems in the family

Натали Неведрова уходит из «Орла и Решки» из-за проблем в семье Recently completed the casting of the leading popular travel show. Natalie Nevedrova left friendly team television project. The TV star admitted that the decision was given her very hard. At the time Natalie cried when she found out about the results of the casting.
Натали Неведрова уходит из «Орла и Решки» из-за проблем в семье

After finishing the filming of another season of travel show “heads and Tails. Heaven and Hell 2” leading the project decided to leave. To abandon a dream job the journalist had because of the constant partings with her daughter, Marie-Nicole – Nevedrova was forced to leave her with my mom.

Натали Неведрова уходит из «Орла и Решки» из-за проблем в семье“The time difference and the workload did not allow me even to chat with girl on Skype, recalls Natalie. Once wanted to speak with her via video, but the daughter refused to take up. At the time I first thought about leaving the program.”

Adversely affected the constant absences from home and relations with spouse Natalie.

“It was not the extra minutes not what to call, even write to him, – the girl speaks. – Eugene is also constantly on the road – his job involves travel. It turned out, we almost never met in Moscow… And when I got home, had to once again work to give an interview to prepare for the next shooting, to visit beauty salons, because after a couple of days I had again to stand in readiness in front of the cameras…

In the new season, the project team expects even more busy schedule. Due to the protracted preparations for the shooting of the weekend cut. I would be out for months, to appear in Moscow for two days and fly off again. My heart just would not stand for such a long parting with Eugene and Marie-Nicole, and I made the final decision.”

That Nevedrova Natalie joined the team of the show “heads and tails” became known in August last year. The young woman took the place of Lesya Nikityuk. Commenting on the new appointment, Nevedrova admitted that dreamed about it. When Natalie learned about the successful completion of the audition, she was crying from happiness.

In an interview with “StarHit” Nevedrova talked about the difficulties she had to face while working. Leading admitted that the most difficult – to leave home.Natalie Nevedrova: “Cry, leaving from daughter»

Натали Неведрова уходит из «Орла и Решки» из-за проблем в семье“It’s always difficult to make this step from the apartment and close the door behind him, knowing that the next time you see relatives only after a fortnight. Daughter has because of age easy going through a separation, what can be said about me – I cry every time, approaching the Elevator. When I’m away, call the girl on Skype” – shared Natalie.