Натали потеряла третьего ребенка The singer was the guest of the program “million dollar Secret” with Leroy Kudryavtseva. The actress openly told that several years ago she had a missed abortion. Natalie sure it was a girl.
Натали потеряла третьего ребенка

Natalie said that in the 17 years lost their first child, a year later she had a repeat abortion. In only 27 years the artist was able to give birth to a son Arseny, and then another heir to Anatolia. Last year, Natalie once again became a mother, was born the third boy, Eugene.

Today, the artist successfully raising three sons, but still reproaches himself that a few years ago, immediately after the triumph of the hit “O God, what a man” at the peak of popularity, she was unable to save another pregnancy. According to Natalie, she could have been born a long-awaited daughter. About the personal tragedy the singer told for the first time.

“Due to the popularity of my third pregnancy did not take place. Today for the first time talking about it. I wasn’t able to protect her in that moment. Learned how? Two bands on tour. I knew something was wrong here, wrong started spotting… I thought that standing on stage and I’m like all rush…” said Natalie.
Натали потеряла третьего ребенка

The singer has addressed in clinic, the doctors announced that she had a missed abortion. Natalie urgently needed an operation.

“I tried to tell all these years… I Have another profession, but I failed to save the child. The deadline was two months and a half, a lifeless fetus. Terrible news… There was nowhere to pull, could get infected blood. When I went to this forced abortion, called my mom and sister and asked: “Pray for me”. To me, it seemed that I would die. I begged for forgiveness from the child that I once again ended up with that stupid wings that can not afford people…” – admitted the singer.
Натали потеряла третьего ребенка

Waking up after anesthesia, Natalie vowed to myself that I will learn not to blame yourself for being unable to protect the child. “I can’t give your nerves. I have no more guilt for your success,” – said the artist himself in the hospital. Soon Natalie got pregnant again. The third son Jack appeared in the family of the singer in the spring of last year.

Also in the program Natalie openly admitted that several times resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. The singer adjusted the mammary glands after the first delivery, so she had to give up breastfeeding two younger sons. Also the actress has regularly resorted to complex cosmetic procedures.

“Beauty injections, Botox. Favorite Botox! He said to me that really stuck, went. Even a person managed to some extent to improve: the forehead, around the eyes. Another thread I did, I liked it, three times. Absorbable thread, the effect can be year. Just constantly appear innovations, inventions. All new. I trust my doctor,” said Natalie.