Натали нравится, что ее сравнивают с куклой Барби

Such a comparison, the singer has earned thanks to its ideal figure.

Recently, the singer of the hit “O God, what a man” started a personal page on Instagram and every day now pleases fans of fresh images. But if the flowers and the books Natalie of little interest to subscribers, the photo of the singer in a swimsuit sparked a flurry of emotions.

“Pupa!” wrote enthusiastic fans. “Where’s rejuvenating apples?”, “You have something to boast such a fantastic figure and without any photoshop!” – praised singer.

The journalists went further and dubbed the 42-year-old Natalie with a Barbie doll. They do have a lot in common: hair color, long legs, big bright eyes. That’s just not offended to such a comparison itself Natalie, after all she is an accomplished artist, mother of two children. Woman’s Day decided to ask the singer directly.

“Of course I’m pleased, confessed Natalie. To obtain such a touching opinion in the fifth decade – is it bad? The word “doll” is not abusive, it is a wonderful compliment. And I have really similar facial features, for which you need to thank my parents.

Natalie is not disingenuous. Recently, the singer told us that on diets never sat, the sport did not go, and to keep your shape to her… positive thoughts. Here’s five suggestions from Natalie how to stay slim at any age.

1. Love yourself for what it is.

I learned to make friends with your body. Used to look at myself in a bathing suit and constantly to something found fault. In the current age began to love myself for who I am. For women it is important to realize herself. A woman who feels beautiful and young and always looks wonderful. So I correct the nuances of my body through thoughts.

2. Eat, do not spoil your mood.

I do not adhere to any diets, it is unacceptable for me. Due to any of the prohibitions a bad mood. We must listen to and hear your body. I had a period when every night at 12 o’clock, as the mouse crawled into the kitchen, opened the fridge and took what I wanted then: tomato juice, a piece of black bread, cottage cheese. The body demanded of these products and nothing else. And I couldn’t recover, although he made himself a snack at midnight for a long time. And now myself in no limit, especially on vacation, the only thing – try not to overeat.

3. No time for sports? Wash the floor!

Never went to the gym or the swimming pool. Don’t want to torture yourself. I have enough load on the stage, your home home. I’m a mom of two sons (Arseny 14 years old Anatoly is 5 years. — Approx. “Antenna”), I don’t have AU pairs, I am preparing myself, my floors.

4. Think about the good.

All problems from the head. Recently I read that we are not just a body, and “telom”: how to think, and look. Thoughts because they are material. Swollen? That means we need to get rid of sad thoughts.

5. If you want, so don’t wait.

Saying that you can’t have evening and night. And I’ve read an interview with Leo La Boqueria (the main surgeon of Ministry of health R. F., Professor. — Approx. “Antenna”) in which he said that the power “eat Breakfast myself, dinner share with a friend, a dinner give the enemy” – complete nonsense. With his words, leading cardiologists of the world for Breakfast drink a Cup of coffee in the 12 hours they have a sandwich, and in the evening they eat thoroughly. And I feel great.

By the way, Natalie admits that after the second birth she had a boob job. Other operations the knife was not. But cosmetic procedures – is another matter. “All the same person – that’s my job. I have to look good,” admits the singer. A week ago she made the lift of the cheekbones by using threads. And reported it all to his fans.

“Battle for beauty” – signed picture actress.

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